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Designer Spotlight: Toronto’s Svetlana Tryaskina of Estee Design

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Creating unique design solutions with quality materials and impeccable attention to detail is what Toronto-based interior design firm Estee Design is all about. The boutique firm, founded in 2007 by award-winning designer Svetlana Tryaskina, specializes in luxury residential new builds and renovation and various commercial projects across the Greater Toronto Area.

We recently spoke with Svetlana about how Estee Design creates highly customized interiors to reflect their client goals and needs, using reliable, high-quality products like those from Cosentino.

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What does a typical day look like for you at your design firm?

A typical day is spent designing and sourcing materials for various projects while also communicating with clients and trade suppliers and then visiting job sites and showrooms. There is a lot of communication happening each day, so every meeting and task is scheduled and organized ahead of time.

Where do you find design inspiration for your projects?

A lot of inspiration comes from our clients and the property or project we are hired to do. It is important for us to understand our client’s lifestyle and aesthetics and their goals and aspirations for their new space. We collect as much information as possible to design a concept that will leave each client feeling happy and satisfied with their new space.

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What is your favourite Cosentino product to specify and why?

I’ve worked with the Toronto showroom many times, and my experience has always been very pleasant. The service is highly professional and very friendly!

I’ve specified a variety of Cosentino products in the past, depending on the project and client needs, but one of my favourites from the brand is their Silestone product line. Silestone offers a variety of beautiful colour selections, various textures, and the product itself is durable and low maintenance.

Can you share an example of a project where you’ve used Cosentino’s product and why it was an excellent fit for the space?

We recently specified Silestone’s Eternal Serena and Charcoal Soapstone for a set of public washrooms in a downtown Toronto business centre. The durability and low maintenance of the product were both very important aspects of the stone selection. The Silestone shades we selected were a perfect match for this installation.

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To learn more about Estee Design, visit Find them on Instagram at

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