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Great Canadian Backyard: Station Grill builds the ultimate outdoor kitchen party space in Montreal

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Next stop on our Great Canadian Backyard series tour, we head to la belle province, Quebec, where Station Grill created a backyard kitchen worthy of epic family get-togethers in Montreal – called The Festive. From LED illumination and a built-in ice cooler to a keg dispenser and chic Dekton Strato countertops, this outdoor space is one-of-a-kind.

Tell us a bit about the outdoor space and what makes it unique.
The homeowners wanted an outdoor kitchen that was easy to maintain for everyday life with children. Station Grill’s kitchens are built using architectural and marine materials that are made to withstand Quebec’s challenging climate of extreme hot and cold and are effortless to clean. The materials selected for this outdoor kitchen are timeless and match the exterior of the residence. The accessories add a more colourful and fresh touch to liven it up.

What inspired the homeowners to build an outdoor kitchen?
The Festive outdoor kitchen was designed to meet the family’s daily needs and also to be used as a space for gatherings with friends and family during festive weekends. Every detail is geared towards get-togethers.

What colour of Dekton was used?
The countertop for this kitchen had to be resistant to scratches, UV rays as well as to freezing and thawing. Dekton in Strato was chosen for a look of raw concrete without particular maintenance. We used a ¾’’ thickness with a straight edge for a modern look.

What are the must-haves for the ideal outdoor kitchen?
This kitchen, in particular, has all the must-haves and much more! Even if the indoor kitchen is nearby, the desire to have an outdoor kitchen with a sink was paramount to avoid going back and forth inside. We integrated a medium-sized stainless-steel sink to facilitate with food clean up.

As requested by the customer, we included a lunch counter with space for four people as well as a built-in ice cooler to keep beverages fresh. These homeowners are beer lovers, so adding a keg dispenser was a must. In addition, an indisputable decorative element is a bright LED backsplash that illuminates the worktop and adds a touch of glamour. The ice cooler is also illuminated with a LED strip. Also, we added the S-box pop-up electrical plug which is very practical for the Looftlighter fire lighting tool to start the Kamado Joe ceramic grill or for the blender for margaritas.

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