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Kitchen organization tips that would bring joy to Marie Kondo

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Spring is here, which means it’s time to organize and freshen up your home. What better place to start than the heart of the home, your kitchen? Make your space worthy of Marie Kondo, famous tidying guru, and organize your kitchen properly to banish chaos, boost the well-being of your home and bring you joy.

Only Keep The Essentials

To avoid an avalanche of Tupperware every time you look for a container or having to empty an entire cupboard just to dig out one large casserole dish, the first step is elimination. First, determine what needs to be thrown out or given away. Anything broke or well-used that cannot be donated can be tossed, while items in good condition that are no longer needed can be donated. To make the process easier, use Marie Kondo’s Konmari method by emptying every drawer, cabinet and cupboard before sorting and separating the contents. Give the inside surfaces a good clean and begin to sort your items.

Storage Time

Replacing your items back into their allotted spaces is the next step. Do this in three phases:

  • First, put away all cooking utensils and tableware such as pots, pans, glasses, cutlery and tablecloths.
  • Second, store cleaning products such as cloths, dishwasher tablets, rags and cleaning agents.
  • Finally, put away all food including canned goods, boxed goods and fresh items.

When putting everything back in its place, group objects by category and keep them together for easy access. For example, create a space for cookware in one large drawer, Tupperware in another cupboard, and cutlery and small utensils in drawers with separators. Always stack where you can to save space and take advantage of tall, vertical spaces for baking sheets and cutting boards.

Everything In Its Place 

Be thoughtful when planning where you will put items back. This way, every item will have a home that is practical for storage but also easy to grab and use when needed. During this process, you may find a need to purchase new storage accessories such as drawer separators, removable trays for condiments or racks for cloths to achieve a more functional layout.

As a general rule, place the most commonly used products in spaces between your waist and head height for more comfortable access on a regular basis. Follow this by placing less often used items in higher or lower spaces. If possible, keep your pantry items near the fridge, and use transparent sealed jars in glass or plastic to store items such as grains, pasta, rice, nuts and crackers. This makes items more easily visible, so you’re more likely to know what you have on hand and be able to use them.

The cupboard under the sink is a great place to store cleaning products. If you have small children at home and this feels too accessible, you can lock this area with a key or place items in a higher unit. For safety, avoid storing any cleaning products near food. Remember to always keep these products in their original packaging, without removing the label.

Declutter Countertops

The best way to achieve an ultra-organized and clean kitchen look is to declutter the countertops. This generally applies to kitchens of all sizes, but especially smaller ones. Only keep out items frequently reached for, such as a coffee maker or toaster, and find space in your cupboards, pantry or another storage unit for small appliances you hardly use. This can help avoid a ‘busy’ and cluttered look.

Overall, organizing your kitchen is a great way to refresh your space for more efficient long-term use. Avoid the temptation of accumulating unnecessary items moving forward. Stick to the basics and only use what you truly need. A well-organized kitchen is a happy, healthy space that can create a calm and welcoming oasis in your home.

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