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Mid-century modern design and Silestone countertops bring Rebekah Higgs’ kitchen reno to life

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When it comes to home renovations, Rebekah Higgs of DIY Mom is a pro. Tackling spaces throughout her home in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Rebekah recently renovated her mid-century modern kitchen which was inspired to complement the date of her 1950’s home. We caught up with Rebekah to talk about her bright and colourful kitchen, including must-have Silestone countertops.

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Where did you draw your inspiration for your kitchen design?

My house was built in 1952. I drew inspiration from the mid-century modern design style. I researched and discovered elements of this kind of style in architecture books, including Making LA Modern by Craig Ellwood.

How did you come to pick your colour palette for your kitchen?

I knew after 2020 that I wanted to be living in a colourful home. My previous home had a lot of black and white, so I stayed away from that in this renovation. Pink and green have always been two of my favourite colours to lean into, but I had to find the right shades to work seamlessly with the warmer white and wood tones in my kitchen and home design. I also used gold and metallic brass finishes for a rich and welcoming look.

Image of RH scaled in Mid-century modern design and Silestone countertops bring Rebekah Higgs’ kitchen reno to life - Cosentino

Why did you choose Silestone for your countertops and island?

Reliable and durable surface countertops are a must for me. I really wanted a waterfall-style kitchen island but didn’t want the stone I chose to overpower the rest of the design. The Silestone Eternal Statuario shade I selected is soft and subtle while adding a high-end look to the finished space.

 I really like the suede finish because it absorbs light and looks great in photos. I also wanted an extra high backsplash, which I could achieve because of the large slab formats. It’s a timeless look and practical as well, making cleaning around the stove much easier. Not to mention, no matter what I get on the stone, it washes up like new!

What about your kitchen makes it unique?

Several things make my kitchen unique, the first being that it is very customized. We reused all the original cherrywood cabinets that we ripped out during renovations. We designed a new layout using what we had and created a custom wood tone on the cabinets by sanding, treating the wood, and re-staining it. Various colours, metallics, and a balanced mixture of open and closed cabinets also give a unique flare. I DIY’d the island’s backside by cutting strips of left-over wood, painting them green and securing them with equal spacing for a Tambour effect.

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When it came to your kitchen design, what were some of the necessities you needed to have?

I wanted to be facing the beautiful view from the sink when washing dishes, an oversized island for hosting and gathering with family, and uniqueness and custom design that would be hard to replicate. My kitchen is the signifying personality trait that dictated the rest of the design throughout my home. The kitchen is the heart of my home, and once this heart was well polished, the rest of the design flowed through it.

What is your advice for creating a space that is both beautiful and functional?

Think of your top must-haves for a functional kitchen and make sure those are incorporated into your design. Everything else should revolve around the feeling you want your kitchen to evoke. Hospitality is a big one for me. I want people to feel welcome, so my kitchen is set up to stimulate conversation and ease of hosting. Next, draw from personal pieces such as family heirlooms and sentimental items you can’t part with. Instead of hiding them away in a chest, bring them to the foreground to celebrate family and loved ones every day. Your kitchen makes a house a home, and it should feel personal.

To see more of Rebekah’s kitchen space and other home projects, visit her on Instagram.

All photography shared above was captured and edited by Matthew McMullen.

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