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Rebekah Higgs adds a nod to Nova Scotian shorelines in her bathroom redesign

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When it comes to tackling the redesign of spaces throughout her 1950’s home, Rebekah Higgs of DIY Mom knows her stuff. Looking to transform her bathroom into a warm space with a unique flare, Rebekah dove head-first into the creative deep end to bring her Nova Scotian shoreline design to life. Featuring Silestone countertops, a fresh colour palette and a fun floor design, we caught up with Rebekah to talk details of her space and the inspiration behind her imaginative design.

Where did you draw your inspiration for your Bathroom design?

I wanted my bathroom to be a modern space with a creative, warm edge. First, I pulled all my fixtures and selections together and a mood board. Then I drew it out on graph paper as my space was limited working within the cinder block walls of this house.

For the floor design, I knew I wanted to incorporate a unique transition from the wet space to the vanity area. When we reached the installation phase of the renovation, I printed off photocopies of my tile, cut them out and then started to play around with the flow of the tile into the hardwood. After some rearranging and seeing how the cut-out tiles flowed with the tub shape, it reminded me of the ocean bubbles and surf of a sandy Nova Scotia beach. This is how I ended up with the shoreline floor transition, which ultimately inspired the rest of the space.

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How did you come to pick your colour palette for your bathroom?

With the floor transition being so bold and distinct, I wanted to keep the colour palette of the space neutral. Sticking with warmer white tones that play on the teak wood and gold fixtures, I pulled the room together with gold speckled wallpaper from JF Fabrics.

Keeping my design choices consistent throughout the whole house, I used the same colour and finish for all my countertops in the bathroom as I did in the kitchen. The Silestone Eternal Statuario shade in the suede finish ties everything together nicely. I especially love the extra high backsplash, and the combination of the sink with the countertops – these details add a simple, luxurious finish.

Image of Screen Shot 2021 06 16 at 4.29.41 PM in Rebekah Higgs adds a nod to Nova Scotian shorelines in her bathroom redesign - Cosentino

What is the one thing you love about your bathroom?

I love how unique and creative the space feels, which is what I was going for. It’s fresh and fun while still being neutral and clean-feeling, and I haven’t seen anything else like it online.

What upgrades are most important in your opinion for bathroom space?

Solid stone surfaces like Silestone add high-end appeal to any space. They’re durable but also add to the design and feel of the bathroom. I also think creating a wet area in the bathroom feels contemporary and is a great way to maximize the space.

To see more of Rebekah’s kitchen space and other home projects, visit her on Instagram.

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