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The Kitchen, the True Heart of the Home

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According to the Global Kitchen Study, the kitchen has become a multifunctional and social space, making it the true heart of the home.

This is especially the case in times of self-isolation. Now more than ever, the kitchen has become more than just a culinary space. It has transformed into a place to gather, share, work, do activities, and much more.

The Global Kitchen Study, prepared by the Silestone Institute, analyzes the keys to domestic cooking in the 21st century. Initially presented in 2019, the study is based on a consumer survey in nine countries including Canada and shares the expertise and vision of 23 professionals from different specialities. Here are some key points from their findings:

What activities do we do in the kitchen? 

  • 43% meal preparation
  • 29% visiting with guests
  • 11% work
  • 17% other tasks

What is our preference when designing our kitchen?

  • 5% prioritize functionality to make the most of the space
  • 1% save for items like exterior lighting, furniture, high-quality appliances, etc.
  • 12% invest in the quality and durability of materials
  • 10% focus on design and aesthetics including the latest trends in colours, materials, etc.

Expert opinions

“The kitchen has become a shared space.” Albert Adrià, Chef

“The domestic kitchen has come out of the closet. Far from remaining in an isolated place, it serves as a space for the negotiation of daily life and, more importantly, for the construction and affirmation of cultural and social identity.” Nita Mathur, Sociology Professor

“The kitchen is a space for enjoyment and gathering for family and friends, where we take care of everyone’s health. We share didactic, social habits, affection, love… It is a unique space to share.” Xevi Verdaguer, Psychoneuroimmunology specialist

To download a copy of the Global Kitchen Study, click here.

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