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Interior Designer Kim Lewis Chooses Silestone® by Cosentino for Tiny Home Project

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Interior designer, Kim Lewis, who is best known for leading the American TV series “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” has selected the world leading quartz surface, Silestone® by Cosentino to equip the kitchen of her new architectural project, the ‘Joshua Tree’ Tiny Home.  Also the founder and owner of her own brand, Kim Lewis Designs, Kim centres her inspiration around both global and local influences.


Embracing her colourful and whimsical style throughout, the aptly named Tiny Home is a 560 square foot space that has been designed with the Joshua Tree National Park in mind.  The home embraces inspiration from across the globe, offering a nod to nature and maximising indoor to outdoor living.  The success of a compact design, according to Kim, is about bringing multi-functionality to the fore. Surfaces for instance must be durable and beautiful.  They can also double as a stand-alone feature, adding character to any space.


Kim aimed for a design that would balance both form and function, incorporating materials from the past and present.  The home’s reclaimed wood flooring was salvaged from a 1960s house in East Texas whilst the stunning Silestone® Eternal Statuario worktops were chosen to add a modern, practical touch.


Kim Lewis Q&A


What was the inspiration behind your tiny home design?

I travelled to the Joshua Tree Desert in California a while ago and immediately felt inspired.  The colour palette of the home was influenced by a 1972 painting of the desert and a portrait of John Wayne.  I’m drawn to the balance and mix of fun colours combined with earthy tones and organic materials and I’m at my happiest in natural sunshine and moonlight, so incorporating lots of windows was a must.

In what way has your choice of Silestone® work surface enhanced your kitchen?

The Eternal Statuario counter top from Silestone® was the perfect selection for us.  I was drawn to the natural quartz texture that looks like marble, but durability is everything in a small space.  We live on the outskirts of a town, so we cook a lot at home.  The worktop is absolutely beautiful, extremely tough and doesn’t stain – we often use chef’s knives and also spill red wine from time to time, so we needed something that could offer longevity.


What are the benefits you’ve found living the tiny home lifestyle? 

Living off the earth makes you feel more connected and grateful for what you have.  We’ve grown into less “wasteful” people.  Travelling and sharing adventures is one of our biggest priorities as a family, so the tiny home lifestyle allows us to spend time exploring the world!

How is it different being a designer in the tiny home space?

It can be difficult designing a smaller space.  In the future I hope that communities will embrace the lifestyle more, creating space in the housing industry for more affordable homes.  Less “home” creates more opportunities for adventure.

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