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Pilsa Educa Chooses Dekton for Its Interiors

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Pilsa Educa Hospitality Training Centre

Dekton by Cosentino surfaces were selected for the interiors of the Pilsa Educa hospitality training centre. 335 m2 of Dekton has been used for applications throughout the building, providing performance and a striking look. CEO of the Pilsa Educa, Javier López Bolivar, commented, “We chose Dekton by Cosentino because it can be used in a number of spaces thanks to its durability and versatility.”

Pilsa Educa Training Centre with Dekton Trilium Flooring

Located in Armilla, Spain, the Pilsa Educa is an educational centre for professional and amateur chefs. Led by Carlos Caballero, the centre strives to teach its students the values of excellence within the culinary landscape. The space is also used to host business meetings and events.

Inspired by industrial design, the interior mixes old and new. For a cohesive look, the Pilsa Educa Técnica team wanted the industrial aesthetic to flow into the classrooms. Similar to the look of aged metal, Dekton Trilium from the Industrial Collection was the perfect choice. The contrast of light and dark in the surface design along with its smooth texture gives it an authentic appearance. Used for both the flooring and worktops, large format slabs were used for the majority of the teaching rooms as well as the on site restaurant. Manufactured from up to 80% recycled materials from the Dekton manufacturing process, Trilium is also environmentally sustainable.

Expanding on the surface choice, Bolivar said, “Dekton has an advantage over other materials due to its design and finish. We could not have achieved our desired look with any other product. Dekton is ideal for culinary spaces like this as it requires little maintenance.”

Pilsa Educa Cookery Classroom With Trilium Flooring, Cladding and Worktop

Due to the nature of the Pilsa Educa cookery school, it was vital that the chosen materials were tough and functional. Thanks to its high resistance to heat, scratches and stains, Dekton can cope with intensive use. Dekton allows for food to be prepared and hot pans to be placed directly on the surface without any fear of discoloration or scorching, ensuring great levels of hygiene and safety.

Pilsa Educa Reception with Dekton Aura Flooring and Desk Cladding

At reception, the intense green of the grass feature wall captures the eye. This is contrasted with the striking, marble inspired Dekton Aura which covers the floor and reception desk. Aura’s elegant pattern also features in one of the facility’s classrooms. An ideal choice for areas such as entrance ways, Dekton’s hard wearing properties offer longevity as well as a striking look.

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