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Cosentino Surfaces Selected for the Stunning Pipo Restaurant

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Dekton Orix, Dekton Nilium Pipo Restaurant

Dekton Chosen for Pipo Restaurant’s Design

A great choice for professional kitchens, Dekton ultracompact and Silestone quartz surfaces by Cosentino offer numerous benefits for commercial and residential applications.  Owned by the renowned chef, Felipe Bronze and constructed by architects Renata Castilho and Camila Buciani, the Pipo Restaurant in São Paulo, Brazil boasts the use of both innovative materials.

Dekton Nilium Tables at Pipo Restaurant

Located in the Museum of Image and Sound, the Pipo Restaurant has a large dining area with generous amounts of natural light, wooden features and contemporary, neutral tones. Sliding doors open out to a stunning balcony area with tables and seating, which has taken inspiration from Brazil’s beautiful landscape. The restaurant also has an open plan kitchen with exposed pass.

Dekton in the colour Nilium from the Industrial Collection was used to cover the table tops and bench seating areas.  It was chosen to complement the colour scheme as well as for its hard wearing properties. The surface copes brilliantly with intensive use both inside and out thanks to its high resistance to heat, scratches and stains. The large bar area and joining wall is also clad in Nilium for a cohesive look.  Tailored to the Pipo restaurant and its needs, the Dekton bar has been fabricated with an overhang for seating.

Dekton Nilium at Pipo Restaurant

Dekton Orix, also from the Industrial Collection, was chosen for the vast open pass. This allows customers to experience the true theatre of the kitchen. Chef, Felipe wanted a surface which reflected the wow-factor and Dekton was the ideal choice. The surface’s high resistance to heat means it is able to cope with hot plates and pans being placed directly onto it without risk of damage. Offering a practical and beautiful design solution, Orix takes inspiration from eroded steel and cement. Felipe comments, I was immediately drawn to the beauty of Dekton. Not only is it stunning in appearance but its durability is unparalleled.”

Dekton Orix at Pipo RestaurantOther Materials

Beautiful special order, Silestone Blanco Capri washbasins feature in the Pipo restaurant’s bathrooms. Great for the bathroom, Silestone has outstanding levels of water and stain resistance.

Speaking on the overall design, architect, Camila Buciani said, “We love working with Dekton and Silestone surfaces. There is great variety of colours and textures and the versatility of the materials allowed us to create a project with a truly unique look.”

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