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Ibiza Villa Design Uses Dekton and Silestone by Cosentino

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Dekton and Silestone by Cosentino used for private residential villa design.

Villa Design - Villa Omina - Pool

Villa Omnia – Ibiza, Spain

Located in the heart of Ibiza, Spain the stunning Villa Omina showcases Cosentino’s innovative Silestone quartz and Dekton ultra-compact surfaces. The result is a timeless yet modern villa design.

The chosen colour scheme includes greys, whites and soft brown tones, providing a feeling of space and luxury.  The building’s open plan scheme flows from the living room through to the stunning outdoor areas. With five bedrooms and bathrooms, a kitchen, large patio and 20 metre outdoor pool, the villa benefits from large glass windows that provide beautiful views of the ocean and plenty of natural light.

Owner, Manuel Ayas said, “The villa was my dream project so it was important that I invested in great materials. When I visited the Cosentino factory, I was very impressed by the products and their quality.  It was definitely the right surface choice.” 

Villa Design with Dekton and Silestone

Around 700m2 of the ultra-compact surface, Dekton has been used for various parts of the villa design.   For the internal and external flooring and stairs, the airy Dekton Strato was used.  With its soft grey hue, it provides a contrast to the bright white walls.  Dekton is ideal for use in high traffic areas such as hallways, as well as outdoor spaces and patios, thanks to its high resistance to UV-rays, stains, scratches and heat.

Villa Design - Villa Omina - Dekton Strato Flooring and StairsDekton Strato Flooring and Stairs

The Pool

A key element of any villa design is a pool.  The large 20 metre pool was designed with custom format slabs of the calming Dekton Sirocco, which reflects the ever changing pattern of the water.  Dekton was also used for the large paved area, creating a seamless design.  Dekton is very durable and has low porosity, meaning it can cope well against the elements.

Villa Design - Villa Omina Pool with Dekton SiroccoSwimming Pool with Dekton Sirocco

The Kitchen and Bathrooms

8mm Dekton Aura has been used for statement cladding in the bathrooms. Thanks to its unique ‘book matching’, Aura’s striking natural marble look and veining can be seamlessly continued from slab to slab.

Villa Design - Villa Omina - Dekton Aura Bathroom Cladding and Silestone Elegance Sink in Blanco Zeus designDekton Aura Bathroom Cladding and Silestone Elegance Sink in Blanco Zeus

Made from 90% quartz, Silestone by Cosentino surfaces have also been used throughout Villa Omina’s design.  Each of the bathrooms boast Silestone Blanco Zeus counters and built-in Elegance sinks.  The open plan kitchen has a large island with a 2cm thick worktop in Iconic White.  This colour has been chosen for its pure white colour and high shine finish, complementing the wooden tables and high gloss cabinets.  Silestone is great for use in spaces such as these due to its high levels of water repellence and stain resistance.  This ensures easy cleaning even in a busy space, perfect for a villa design.

Villa Design - Villa Omina - Silestone Iconic White WorktopsThe Villa’s large kitchen with Silestone Iconic White Worktops

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