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4 Beautiful High Design Minimalist Kitchens

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 Minimalist Kitchens

A superb minimalist kitchen features an illuminated white surface with white subway tile, herringbone floors and beautiful bare wood textures.  

Today’s most stunning minimalist kitchens are governed by a set of key design principles including the use of “white space,” linear focus and pared down aesthetics. How is real presence and style achieved when the homeowner or the architect is committed to such restraint? How is the space of a minimalist kitchen made unique, personalized and of course luxurious? The answer is that a truly modern design concept should always be absolutely liveable. Minimalism can also include luxury materials and bold surface choices. However, while truly cutting edge minimalist kitchen design is often dramatic it must also be functional – after all, this essential home space needs to work well for cooking and eating. And a kitchen should always feel welcoming whether this quality comes from beauty born of an elegant and refined use of materials or a curated sense of oasis.

Sleek Lines and Pure Black – A Superb Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalist Kitchen

A minimalist kitchen in all black is undoubtedly contemporary. A wall of windows and an open space concept create the ultimate contemporary home living experience for this super sleek minimalist kitchen. Drama and refinement meet in this noir space and the combination white lantern lighting adds a flair of mid-century modernist style.  

Clean linear lines form a geometric island with ample storage. Empty space is balanced by the luxurious quality of the surfaces and the smoky matte surface adds a touch of sophistication and depth.

A New Scandinavian Style Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalist Kitchen

A balance of Scandinavian pale woods, subtle greys and dramatic black, this minimalist kitchen in a masterpiece in modern design. The bold island is a statement piece. The eternal charcoal soapstone counters have a matte depth that exudes a sense of fine handiwork and sculptural sensibility. An understated Nordic palette includes white floors, neutral accents, and wall of wood surface. Horizontal cabinetry adds a unique interpretation of mid-century modern style and an expansive wood ceiling is accented by inset lighting as well as hanging lamps.

A New Way of Looking – Minimalist Kitchen and Dining Area

This striking minimalist kitchen includes a bold stone punctuated by gravy patterning, dark wood and colourful lighting.

Monochrome is again at the heart of this kitchen design that incorporates the open space concept, creating a traditional galley kitchen while allowing the island to function as an architectural feature. Greys and pales offset the geometric forms of the kitchen wall cupboards. The communal island section is for prep and entertaining as well as family time. A highly polished floor is a wonderful finishing touch.

A Spectacular Minimalist Kitchen with a Garden View

The classic mid-century modern house is often featured a continuity between indoors and outdoors, second floors as well as garden levels provided views and access to greenery.

A common view was into the canopies of trees, nothing could be more beautiful. As well classical elements include the combination of wood accents with manmade materials and natural textures. This is a fine example of such a style and has an updated look as well with the Dekton Natura-Halo countertop. Hidden dark wood storage shows the natural grain and this textural sensibility is complemented by the beautiful and intricate patterning of the stone island as well as the complex and supple counter surfaces. The vertical wall garden adds a pop of green connects indoors with outdoors. The open concept island table is extended outdoors allowing a sense of design continuity allowing the homeowner to fluidly entertain in both spaces.

Drawing from Scandinavian traditions, the minimalist kitchen is an ever-present motif in contemporary design, often distinguished by monochrome hues and luxurious materials, countertops, cabinets and islands seem architectural artworks in themselves and creatively divide and expand space. One of the most popular and versatile styles, minimalism is a trend that is continually invigorated and rethought by talented designers and revitalized with new and exciting surface materials, countertops and island designs.

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