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Concrete in the Kitchen

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Concrete Kitchens

No longer seen as just an everyday construction material, concrete is stepping away from its mundane name tag and is flourishing within the world of kitchen design.  Its bold yet functional look is coveted by many and a wide range of concrete inspired surfaces are now available, in a variety of textures and tones.

Architect and designer, Colin Wong of Development Direct commented on the rise of the trend at a recent talk held at the Cosentino City London showroom, stating, “Industrial tones like concrete and grey are everywhere in kitchens, from worktops to walls, sinks and taps.  It’s a subtle reminder of how relevant it is; we see it every day.”

Dekton® Kreta and Laos from the New Industrial CollectionDekton Kreta and Laos from the New Industrial Collection

Concrete Styles

Currently, the trend for concrete surfaces has shifted from dark, cold tones to softer elegant hues. Standard concrete will wear overtime and requires a lot of maintenance.  It’s also notoriously hard to clean.   If you desire this style but are cautious about the upkeep, why not choose a concrete look surface instead?  Offering valuable longevity, the ultra compact Dekton surface range has a variety of concrete inspired designs. Ideal for kitchens, Dekton offers quality, hard wearing surfaces with a high resistance to heat and scratches.

Made up of nine shades which boast both poured and matte finishes, the Dekton Industrial collection offers a calm, utilitarian style.  In keeping with the urban look and feel, Silestone Brooklyn and Silver Lake from the new Silestone Loft Series have a tactile finish and an ultra-realistic appearance. They are also extremely easy to clean.

Concrete inspired Dekton Lunar from the Industrial CollectionNew Dekton Lunar from the Industrial Collection

Common materials found in the kitchen, such as sinks and taps often reflect concrete’s industrial tones, making it easier to weave it into a design.   Also commenting at the trend forecasting event, architect, Rachael Davidson of HUT Architecture agreed, “Paired with soft wood and subtle metals that are commonplace in the kitchen, the industrial appearance of concrete is timeless and easy to apply to all situations.”

Using a material such as Silestone has benefits that counter the impracticalities of actual concrete, such as simpler fitting, plus a high resistance to scratches and stains. With branded surfaces such as Silestone and Dekton, homeowners will also benefit from comprehensive warranties and after care, making them a sound investment.

Silestone Silver Lake and Dekton Soke

Get the Look

Timeless and functional, concrete look surfaces work great for statement islands or splashbacks.  Grey hues, like Dekton Soke from the Industrial collection, can be complemented by whiter tones to provide sophistication.  Additionally, pairing wooden seating with your island helps to add warmth and will also make the space more inviting. For a cohesive look, try matching your cabinetry to your choice of worktop, such as pairing gloss cupboards with a standout surface for maximum impact.

Silestone Brooklyn WorktopSilestone Brooklyn

Calming shades, tactile surfaces, unvarnished wood and metallic accents make industrial materials like concrete warmer and more liveable. Offering an authentic finish, the Silestone Loft Series, boasts a new ‘Raw’ texture which mimics the feel of dried plaster.  Silestone Brooklyn has a timeless grey, weathered appeal that adds both rustic and industrial charm making it a great choice for those wanting a versatile surface that will last and evolve through time.

Dekton Nilium FlooringDekton Nillium

Great for flooring, Dekton can recreate concrete’s unique roughness.  With a 10-year warranty, outstanding technical properties, which include UV resistance and its availability in large format slabs, Dekton allows for the creation of seamless spaces without limits and joins, both indoors and outdoors.

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