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Cosentino and Lladró open a showroom together in Milan

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  • This partnership is a pioneering initiative in a foreign country by two Spanish, international companies whose activities aim to provide high quality products to both professionals in the field of architecture and design as well as end consumers.
  • The showroom, located in the heart of the Italian city, has a number of areas and displays where the latest trends in materials and solutions for decoration, interior design and architecture are on show for professionals.

The global leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for the world of architecture and design, the Cosentino Group – and Lladró – a company that produces art in porcelain have opened a showroom in Milan together. This partnership is a pioneering initiative by two Spanish, international companies and important members of the Foro de Marcas Renombradas de España (Spanish Forum of Leading Brands).

The showroom is located in the centre of Milan (Piazza Fontana, 6) and offers many ideas for decoration, interior design and architecture. It has different areas and displays over two floors offering the latest ideas for kitchens, bathrooms, cladding, outdoor applications, furniture and lighting, among others.


Both Spanish companies are family-owned, operate internationally and have strong ties to the world of design. Both also offer high-quality products and solutions for architects and design professionals as well as end consumers. This led to a partnership to open a pioneering space where innovative Cosentino surfaces and artistic Lladró porcelain come together as one to showcase their full potential.

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For the multinational from Almeria the showroom in Milan is part of its “Cosentino City” concept which the company is progressively implementing in different cities around the world: the latest to open was in Manhattan, New York, at the end of last month. These areas allow Cosentino to be in direct contact with customers, with expert staff providing a comprehensive service. Architects, designers, interior designers and end consumers can appreciate first-hand Cosentino’s wide range of products that offer advanced technological solutions to help them create their projects.

For Lladró, these new facilities allow them to present the versatility of porcelain for decorative spaces differently from that of their boutiques. It also offers the brand the opportunity to show the potential of its products for decoration and interior design. This new showroom therefore provides a different perspective for two complementary products for interior design projects: porcelain and innovative surfaces for architecture and design. 


The launch event was attended by several representatives from the influential community of designers, architects and consultants from the capital of Lombardy. Top representatives from both companies were present: Eduardo Martínez-Cosentino Alfonso, the Group’s Sales Director and CEO of Cosentino North America; and Rosa Lladró, Board Member of the porcelain manufacturing firm. Previously, a very successful “Open Day” was also held with many people attending.

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For Eduardo Martínez-Cosentino, this showroom “is another step in the consolidation of ‘City’ as a model of international presence aimed at customers and professionals from the worlds of architecture and design. Furthermore, we see this partnership with Lladró as an excellent example of joint synergies and complementary interests: this can also serve as a reference model for other Spanish firms that are already international or whose aim is to enter foreign markets.”

For Rosa Lladró,It is a space where you can truly feel the porcelain, appreciate its warmth for lighting and for interior design and where we can offer the professional sector solutions tailored to their design projects.”

This new showroom in Milan is the fourth Cosentino “City” that the company has opened. It currently has this type of showroom in the city centers of Sydney, Singapore, New York as well as a City Associated in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Cosentino also increases its presence in the Italian market – a world benchmark in the fields of design, décor and architecture – where it has operated with its own assets since 2006 and where it already has three Cosentino Centers in Venice, Cattolica and Milan. 

About Lladró

Founded in 1953, Lladró is a leading company in the design and production of artistic porcelain. It exports its porcelains to over 120 countries on five continents, with its main export markets being the United States, Japan, China and India. Today, more than six decades on, Lladró still embraces its original essence. Every piece is still made by hand in the world’s biggest, small workshop at its headquarters in Valencia using an entirely artisanal process which makes each piece unique and unrepeatable.

After revolutionising the world of decorative arts with its masterful sculptures, Lladró continues to be committed to new product lines and in particular to the functional aspect of home décor, with a strong focus on lighting. Its wide range of products spans from classic Lladró pieces – in pastel colours with a shiny finish that transport us to a world of “analogous romanticism” – to New Classics that are sculptural with matte finishes or are of stoneware, via spectacular Haute Porcelain creations that are the epitome of artistry and show technical know-how excellence.

This product diversity, enhanced by its collaboration with top external designers who bring their creative worlds to Lladró Atelier’s team – the company’s idea laboratory – makes Lladró a totally contemporary brand.


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