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Cosentino Celebrates 40th Anniversary

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  • The Spanish multinational commemorates its 40th anniversary in 2020 with a message of recognition and thanks to its employees, customers and collaborators.

2020 represents the 40th year since the creation of the commercial company “Mármoles Cosentino S.A.”, genesis of what resulted in The Cosentino Group we know today. In these four decades, the Spanish group has become an international entity with a turnover of more than 1.1 billion euros in 2019, implementation in 40 countries and almost 5,000 employees worldwide.

Mármoles Cosentino S.A.

Successor of a small marble processing workshop in Macael, the second generation family transformed the small company of 1980 with 17 workers, into a leading global firm in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for the world of architecture and design. A journey full of disruptive and pioneering milestones such as the creation of the Silestone®  and  Dekton®  brands, the conquest of the North American market and having been the first Spanish firm to advertise in the largest television event in the world; the Super Bowl (2005).

Silestone Eternal Noir

“Together with my brothers, we wanted to create a project that was lasting, sustainable, and that would generate wealth for our nearest community and our entire sector. Those first dreams have been fulfilled. But the journey has been complicated, with very hard times. These months we’re getting to live another one of them. An unexpected and profound global health, social and economic crisis, which will surely transform us all. This 2020 has not brought us a favourable context to commemorate our 40 years of life as such.”

“However, it is precisely in this type of situation, that we must look further. It’s time to honour all those professionals, like our own employees, who have followed and follow at the foot of the canyon while keeping our day-to-day lives, even saving lives at the risk of losing theirs as the heroic case of healthcare professionals and law enforcement. But it’s also time to keep it, to be strong, positive and to send a sincere message of optimism. We are experts in comebacks… in Cosentino, in our province, our region and our country. All together and united we will get through, no doubt. And, therefore, we want to continue to celebrate in the coming months, as far as possible, this birthday.” President of Cosentino Group, Francisco Martínez-Cosentino Justo

Jose, Francisco, Eduardo Martinez-Cosentino Justo

On this intense 40-year journey, the first big moment was the birth of Silestone® in 1990, the world’s leading quartz surface brand. The prestigious TIME magazine considered Silestone® in 2004 as one of the most important innovations of the twentieth century. Thanks to the creation of this unique and differentiating product, the company began its intense internationalisation process both in Europe and the US. Cosentino launched in the UK in 2002, with its head office build in Hook, Hampshire. In 2009 another great milestone in innovation came for the company with the launch of  Sensa by Cosentino®, an advanced range of natural stone with exclusive anti-stain protection.

The international expansion of Cosentino has been marked, during all these years, by the opening of Cosentino Centres – innovative commercial and distribution facilities, and exhibition concepts – located in the heart of major cities across the world.

Cosentino Latina (Vitória, Brazil)

The multinational Cosentino developed the ultra-compact surface, Dekton® in 2013, a unique product in the market  which has created a revolution for professionals in the sector.

 “Having worked for Cosentino for the past nine years, and     witnessing its continual growth and expansion, it’s an honour to be leading the UK team at such a pivotal point; in both the company’s history, but also during a global pandemic. What has set Cosentino apart and always has, is its people-first approach. This mindset ripples throughout the whole company, and will be what pulls us through this unprecedented period of time.” UK Regional Director, Paul Gidley

Dekton Liquid Sky

During all these years, Cosentino has based its development on international expansion, the constant commitment to innovation and R&D, security and honesty.

The leadership achieved by Cosentino would not have been possible without the trust placed during this time by countless suppliers, collaborators, partners, customers and the media. One of the basic missions of the company has always been to generate value for its entire chain, for all its stakeholders, and grow each sector internationally. Therefore, Cosentino continues to seek to imagine and anticipate together with its customers and partners, the most innovative decorative and design solutions that inspire people’s lives.

Until the end of the year, Cosentino will carry out different initiatives and internal actions whose objective will be to recognise and thank these groups for their fundamental contribution in cementing the company’s trajectory over the past 40 years.

Industrial park of Cosentino

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