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Cosentino Introduces Eight ‘Exotic’ Granites Into its Sensa Range and Increases Warranty to 15 Years

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Sensa by Cosentino in Orinoco

  • Alongside the introduction of these new granites, Cosentino has reformulated its exclusive stain protection – Senguard NK – for its entire line of Sensa®, with the twofold objective of improving the protection of the material against tough stains, making it particularly effective in white or light colours
  • Cosentino is also increasing the warranty for Sensa® to 15 years, offering consumers a higher level of quality and service

A global leading company in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for the world of architecture and design, The Cosentino Group, is adding a new series of eight exotic granites into its Sensa® by Cosentino range, which feature an exclusive stain protection.

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Sensa by Cosentino in Colonial White

Available in Indian Black, Black Beauty, Ice Blue, Glacial Blue, Bianco Antico, Colonial White, Orinoco and Moak Black, the surfaces benefit from an improved, exclusive stain protection, which repels liquids such as water and oil. With a high resistance to stains and no need for special daily maintenance, the new granites offer unique designs and veining. Anchored to the surface of the stone, the Senguard NK stain protection (developed by the Cosentino research & development team) is also UV resistant allowing Sensa® by Cosentino granites to be used inside and out whilst still allowing the stone to breathe and preserve its natural colour. 

The new granites also offer worktop peace of mind thanks to the NSF certification that makes them safe for contact with food. 

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Sensa by Cosentino in Indian Black

Cosentino is increasing the Sensa® warranty from 10 to 15 years to offer a better level of quality and service.

Indian Black: Exotic dark intensity

With a bright polished finish, Indian Black offers a dark and intense granite throughout the entire volume. Its black background is interspersed occasionally with differing and captivating clear veins, almost crystalline, which further enrich the aesthetics of the granite.

Black Beauty (polished): Perfect combination of gloss and matte

Black Beauty features a new Caresse textured finish that perfectly combines the most exotic gloss and matte to provide a deep black granite with random white veining.

Ice Blue: Wild combination on a surprising white background 

Ice Blue is a granite with a polished texture and a striking white   background; an effect very hard to find in this material. The black enclaves, together with cream or tan veins, offer a seductive and wild design in the final appearance.

Glacial Blue: the more exotic side of silver

Glacial Blue comes in a polished texture with a silver hue, combined with areas that offer a very suggestive crystalline appearance.

Bianco Antico: Unpredictable exotic compositions

The combination of the clear, grey and brown background with the polished texture, creates colour compositions giving Bianco Antico an unmatched exotic nature.

Colonial White: Spectacular white with a hint of red

Colonial White, with its polished finish, is an Indian granite featuring a superior white background. This, contrasted with the sporadic, dark red fleks makes it a truly stand out worktop.

Orinoco: The wild side of granite

The granite Orinoco offers a totally unique aesthetic for its excellence in design and random wild veins, which are further enhanced by its bright polished finish. White, gold and copper veins are sometimes interrupted by silver minerals, which stand out against an intense black background         creating an inimitable look.

Moak Black: The sheer elegance of an intense dark granite

Presented in a Suede finish, Moak Black has a matte and intense hue that creates a harmonious and beautiful surface. The neutrality of this granite evokes a simple and understated elegance.

How does the Sensa® by Cosentino Senguard NK protection work?

A porous material absorbs any liquid by suction, thus reducing its life. However, the Sensa® treatment alters the surface tension of granite and makes it smaller than that of the liquid, providing effective protection as the liquid particles are repelled and are not absorbed. This treatment penetrates into the surface, becoming integrated by chemical bonding and resulting in an invisible protection that allows Sensa® surfaces to breathe. Moreover, this formula is also resistant to UV rays, thus avoiding the colour from changing due to solar radiation.

Sensa® represents a radically new concept in the granite sector because it offers a definitive protection treatment to reduce the stainability of the material, always showing a visually attractive and unchanged result.

The Cosentino Group processes and supplies the Sensa® granites in Cosentino Latina, the only manufacturing plant outside Spain and that is situated in the Brazilian city of Vitoria. Cosentino Latina operates one of the largest granite factories in Brazil, featuring cutting-edge equipment and technological and environmental processes.

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