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Cosentino Introduces New Hues into the Dekton Range – Industrial, Elegant and Warm

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The global leader in the production and distribution of surfaces for architecture and design, the Cosentino Group, has innovated once again with the launch of six new Dekton® colours.

The landscape for both interior and exterior design is constantly evolving, with the demand for individuality being more prominent than ever. Entzo, Gada, Blanc Concrete, Trilium, Aldem and Valterra were created to offer different finishes that reproduce the intense characteristics of industrial, rust coloured tones, reproduce the beauty of nature and captivate the personality of wood. These diverse textures, colours and finishes create endless design possibilities for any home project.

Combining functionality with aesthetics, this new colour range not only has an extraordinary appearance, it is also extremely versatile and adaptable for use in all types of indoor and outdoor applications. Kitchen worktops, bathroom surfaces, flooring, paving and wall cladding are just a few examples of where Dekton® can be applied to great effect and longevity.

High resistance to UV rays, scratches, stains and thermal shock are just some of the excellent technical properties that define Dekton® by Cosentino. There are now more than 30 options in this constantly evolving range.

BLANC CONCRETE AND TRILIUM | New industrial finishes

 width=Dekton® Blanc Concrete

Blanc Concrete is inspired by the appearance of concrete, an effect achieved thanks to its non-conformist tones. A textured finish catches the light to offer a slight luminosity to what is conventionally a flat material.


Dekton® Trilium

Evoking the industrial look of aged stainless steel, Trilium is the first colour option in the Dekton® range to incorporate recycled materials. A mix of volcanic shades with intense grey, brown and black tones with light-dark contrasts, Trilium features a soft metallic matt finish. The surface is unexpectedly smooth to the touch, yet edgy enough to cater for projects with an industrial aesthetic.

GADA AND ENTZO | New elegant tones inspired by natural stone


Dekton® Gada

Inspired by natural stone, Gada resembles limestone, with darker or lighter parts, depending on the density of the thread. The thread and background fuse perfectly into a soft, natural cream colour, featuring a unique texture which combines a satin finish with the roughness of limestone.

 width=Dekton® Entzo

The natural stone tones of Entzo add great luminosity to any space. Elegant yet random greyish-gold veins add movement to a brilliant white base. Its smooth plain matt texture and refined graphics produce a simple, subtle overall colour.

ALDEM AND VALTERRA | New warm, wood finishes

 width=Dekton® Aldem

The distinguished wood design of Aldem features diverse greyish tones and a finish that enhances the appearance and beauty of wood.


Dekton® Valterra

A warmer shade of wood is achieved in Valterra, which contains red, cream and brown tones. Thanks to its linear design, its appearance perfectly customises the structure of wood. The soft, wrinkled finish of Valterra conveys nature, comfort and warmth.

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