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Cosentino Launches A New Online Design Application for Architects, Designers and Consumers

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  • Designers, architects and consumers can experiment with colours and finishes for kitchen and bathroom designs using Silestone
  • With one click the user can view and select any of the 60 plus Silestone® colours and three finishes that can be used for worktops, flooring, tiling, walls, panelling, showers, sinks, etc.
  • Available in eight languages, the online Silestone design application enables the Cosentino Group to provide a service to its customers around the world.

The Spanish multinational and world leader in the production and distribution of quartz, natural stone and recycled surfaces, Cosentino is launching a new online design application allowing designers, architects and consumers to experiment with colours and finishes for kitchen and bathroom designs using Silestone.

Easy to use, the online application is available on the Silestone website and can be used to personalise up to three different spaces: a modern kitchen, a traditional kitchen and a bathroom, including elements from the Cosentino Bath Collection. The application has been designed to help provide inspiration and save time in defining and visualising plans for new kitchen and bathroom renovations. Users can also view, print and share the unique and personalised designs via email.

The wide range of Silestone® colours (consisting of over 60 different shades and three finishes), is available for users to apply to worktops, tiling, floors, walls, showers, toilets, panelling, sinks, etc with a few simple clicks. The environment simulator benefits from a quick response time so it is easy to experiment with different colours.

Available in up to eight different languages, the “Design your Room/Space” application can be used through the brand’s main website in all markets where the Cosentino Group operates.

Thanks to the extraordinary characteristics of Silestone®, including exclusive bacteriostatic protection, it is the perfect choice for use in kitchens and bathrooms; two areas where design and health are very important.

About  Silestone® by Cosentino

Silestone® by Cosentino, worldwide leader brand in quartz surfaces, consists of more than 90% natural quartz. This high-tech material is highly resistant to stains, knocks and scratches, and has a low level of fluid absorption. It also has an exclusive bacteriostatic property, several product guarantees and certificates and the upper level of service, quality and responsibility of the Cosentino Group. Silestone® comes in over up to 60 colours, three textures and several different formats. Thanks to these special properties, Silestone® surfaces are highly suitable for the kitchen, bath and other demanding areas such as laboratories, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and so on.

Silestone® is present in some of the world’s most unique constructions, such as the Hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai, Wembley Stadium in London, Jean Nouvel’s Agbar Tower in Barcelona and Telefónica’s flagship store in Madrid.  Pioneering quartz surface, Silestone® has revolutionized the global stone industry and its growth has been unstoppable, to the point where it has become the world’s leading brand. Today, in Spain one out of four kitchens have Silestone® while, in the USA, Silestone® has a market share of 75% of all quartz surfaces and 7% of all kitchen worktops.

Silestone® was the first  quartz surfaces brand to advertise in the biggest publicity event in the world, the US Superbowl. In addition, is personal sponsor of three-time motorcycle World Champion, Jorge Lorenzo.

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