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Cosentino Rewards Employees with Bonus

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Cosentino has rewarded the effort and dedication of its workers around the world with a special bonus totalling four million euros. The bonus will be distributed among almost 5,000 employees globally.

With this extraordinary remuneration, the Martínez-Cosentino Justo brothers, proprietary partners of the company, and the entire Cosentino family want to thank the “outstanding performance and enormous effort” that the Cosentino Group employees have been making since the current global crisis generated by Covid-19 began last March.

The bonus will be paid to all employees worldwide who belong to the company at this time, regardless of their date of incorporation. Francisco Martínez-Cosentino Justo, president and CEO of Cosentino Group, in an internal online event addressed to all employees of the Spanish multinational, announced this measure.

In Martínez-Cosentino’s own words, “we have all experienced moments of uncertainty, limitations, personal problems, and we have felt to a greater or lesser level the severity of the pandemic. Our organisation has not been oblivious to this. But one of the greatest lessons we have received is the very high degree of commitment of our employees. Also from our clients, partners, suppliers and collaborators around the world. It has been an unforgettable and thrilling demonstration to see how every one of them has reacted in these months. For this reason, and although it is a small gesture in relation to their effort, we have decided to give a special gratification to all our employees, who have once again reminded us that people is the fundamental asset that shapes large companies”.

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