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Dekton by Cosentino Introduces Two New Designs: Bromo and Milar

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New Dekton Bromo by Cosentino KitchenNew Dekton Bromo by Cosentino

  • Bromo and Milar are two new dark, matte surfaces for Dekton by Cosentino. With a soothing elegance and intricate detail, they are perfect for a range of internal and external design projects.
  • Bromo and Milar will join the Natural and Industrial colour collections respectively, and benefit from the excellent features of the Dekton ultra-compact surface, guaranteeing lasting and unique technical and aesthetic performances.

The innovative, ultra compact surface by the Cosentino Group for the world of architecture and design, Dekton by Cosentino, is delighted to introduce two new launches for November 2018; Bromo and Milar.  These dark, matte shades have a soothing elegance and intricate detail, perfect for a range of internal and external design projects.

Bromo, with its natural and organic appearance, and Milar, with its industrial aesthetic, have been designed to complement a wide range of design schemes, adding personality to a space.  The two designs both have a vintage, rustic feel, and can be combined with more contemporary elements for a unique look.

Created by Cosentino through an innovative ultra-compaction process, Dekton offers hardwearing benefits including a high resistance to heat, scratches, staining and UV rays.  Suitable for use both indoors and out, its surfaces can be used for a range of projects, such as kitchen and bathroom worktops, flooring and wall cladding.  Available in a variety of thicknesses (8mm, 12mm and 20mm) and large format slabs up to 320cm x 144cm, a multitude of creative possibilities are possible for Bromo and Milar.

New Dekton Bromo by Cosentino Slab

Dekton Bromo

Bromo is a deep blue/black shade, inspired by homogeneous metamorphic rocks such as slate.  Subtle, faded veining, a tactile finish and a natural aesthetic define this new colour, which would suit both modern and traditional spaces.  Bromo joins the Natural Collection by Dekton, a series in which Cosentino recreates the best of nature.

New Dekton Milar by Cosentino Slab

Dekton Milar

Grey and brown hues come together to form the basis of the new Milar colour palette, resulting in a surface inspired by oxidised and faded urban materials. Its dark base contrasts with lighter detail, making this a versatile and appealing design.  Given its aesthetic, Milar fits seamlessly into the Industrial Collection by Dekton, bringing the total number of options in this on-trend series to nine.

New Dekton Milar by Cosentino KitchenNew Dekton Milar by Cosentino

Bromo and Milar are available from November 2018 and expand the portfolio of Dekton’s most affordable colours.

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