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Fabrication FAQ with The Marble Group

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When updating your kitchen surfaces, you will require a fabricator to help with installation. We caught up with Theo and Mike from The Marble Group on some of the most frequently asked questions.

The Marble Group

What is a fabricator and what do they do?
In essence a stone fabricator manufactures stone to fit onto your exact kitchen unit dimensions but more than that, a fabricator delivers the finish of your kitchen project. The worktop is what brings the entire kitchen to life!

Why do I need a fabricator?
The fabricator will measure, cut, shape and polish the stone and install in your kitchen. Stone is heavy and needs industrial machinery to be worked so it’s almost impossible to do a D.I.Y. stone installation; you need a fabricator to get the beautiful slabs that are available to make it fit into your kitchen. A fabricator will have trained stone masons that will handle the stone with safety and ensure the worktop will give you the wow factor you were hoping for.

How do I source a fabricator?
Google is normally a great place to start, often just putting the stone you are looking for into the search engine will throw up a fabricator that can make the stone you are interested in. Quartz companies like Cosentino have approved Gold fabricators that have been vetted for quality assurance purposes and get in turn get discounted rates on Dekton, Silestone and Sensa to pass on to the customer.

What should people look for in a good fabricator?
I think it’s the same as what people are looking for in any good company i.e. A good reputation is important and the ability to deliver a good service at a reasonable cost. I think established businesses are key in this industry as many firms seem to open and shut relatively quickly. The other thing is to choose someone that can fabricate all the products available, for example many of the smaller outfits do not have a waterjet and cannot offer high quality Dekton fabrication.

How do I choose the right type of material for my worktop?
I think it depends on the kitchen choice, the natural stones or marble effect man made products look great with traditional shaker style kitchens. I personally like surfaces that are less busy to compliment a modern, handleless kitchen. I think Dekton, Silestone and Sensa are all great options for a kitchen surface, it really does depend on individual taste; I say choose something you won’t get bored of!

Am I able to have any say in the layout or templating?
Yes of course people can choose the layout of their worktops although often the site operative who will measure the kitchen will know the best way to lay it out. At The Marble Group our laser template specialists are experts in their profession and will often advise the best course of action.

What spaces are you able to fabricate surfacing for?
Essentially stone can be fitted to anything inside or outside. Kitchen units are the most popular item stone is fixed to, we do our fair share of BBQ areas and restaurant bars too.

What materials can be fabricated by you?
We can fabricate any stone product, we have all the state of the art machinery to manufacture really hard to work natural stones (like Taj Mahal), Dekton and of course Silestone. Currently we are manufacturing around 7,000 to 8,000 worktops every year.

What different types of profiles and edging are available?
There are a number of options, bevel is the most popular, then pencil, ogee, shark nose, built up edges, bull nose, half bullnose and a number of others! The most popular edge is a 2mm bevel (also called a chamfered edge), it keeps the finish clean.

What wouldn’t you recommend that customers frequently ask for?
I wouldn’t recommend drainer grooves, they do not really serve a purpose, they are just aesthetic. I would either having nothing or go for a recessed drainer. Customers often ask if stone can stain but we advise that Sensa, Silestone and Dekton are all resistant to staining.

The Marble Group

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