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Going Forward in the Current Situation

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The President of Cosentino Group, Francisco Martínez-Cosentino Justo shares his vision for the future while we face a global pandemic.

Francisco Martínez-Cosentino Justo

“I would like to take advantage of the generous invitation to this platform to share my vision in the face of the crisis of this virus that plagues us. These are very difficult times. It is impossible not to feel a great sadness for the thousands of deaths around the world, many of them in our beloved country. I send my most meaningful hugs to families and friends who have had the misfortune of losing someone close. I also want to send my deep gratitude to those who take care of all of us, each from their position. Especially health, sanitary, cleaning staff and food supply chains. I see people follow the call of duty with heroism, moving far beyond their obligation, and I get enthused about the high degree of involvement from people.

As with any major problem, with this pandemic, we must face reality with the best possible information. Only with realism can we move forward. With such an unknown subject it will be key to be very open to learning from all over the world, in a literal sense. We have already seen that what happens in any country can affect our lives. Likewise, what we are learning from the experience in different places should serve us here. With this knowledge base, it is up to all of us – each with responsibility – to manage in the best possible way. Plan, execute, verify. To be very self-demanding and adapt to the new reality in institutions, in companies, in families. It’s hard work and we know we’re going to make mistakes, but it’s time to step up to the plate and not be frightened.

As I think about the economic impacts of this crisis, I try to avoid radical extremes and thesis. We’re not looking at a few weeks of parentheses, I think the virus will leave an important mark. But I also think it makes sense to think that life will not be like it was before. I believe that people will continue to have, as always, the need to relate, to show affection, to discover new places, to try to leave a future for our children. And it is people who will continue to move a real economy for the lives of professionals and businesses. Of course, we will have to reinvent ourselves because in the short term there will be major changes, but we must not lose perspective.

In turn, that real economy is one of the keys to everyone’s well-being. Now comes a very delicate time when we need to combine the care of people with economic activity which allows us all to have a future. It will require a lot of effort, a lot of financial support and, above all, a lot of understanding and agreement. Large doses of flexibility and humility. The exit from the crisis will already be difficult enough for us to make it even more complicated by futile disputes. Political parties, businessmen and trade unions, all of us, we are called upon to agree on a roadmap that will allow the country to succeed.

Without creating value in companies, there can be no progress. That is why I really want that in this crisis we really strive to help companies as essential assets of our society. If we maintain the business model, we can fulfill the desire to move ahead without leaving anyone behind. Because building a company requires passion, will, shared effort, financial resources, years of experience… there is much value that is lost when an entrepreneur ceases his activity. And that loss is paid for by all of us, whether we like it or not, because it is the country that loses out.

In Andalusia and Spain, we continue to have enormous potential for progress. We can’t admit defeat. Even if we have a difficult run, we continue to depend on the talent of our people, with the love of the way we do things and with the strength of our society. From my part, I want to express my commitment to fight, with all the effort necessary, for the jobs of the professionals of Cosentino who are the pride of my family and my management team.

In the hour of truth, we discover the value of honesty, empathy, agreement, solidarity, effort; the value of knowing and feeling that we will succeed.”

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