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International Architect and Designer, Daniel Libeskind Creates ‘Beyond the Wall’ Installation for the Cosentino Group

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  • For the first time, renowned architect and designer, Daniel Libeskind has designed a project for the Cosentino Group entitled ‘Beyond the Wall’
  • The project utilises Silestone quartz surfaces in the new and innovative Suede textured matt finish
  • The ‘Beyond The Wall’ installation will be exhibited from 8 to 30 April, coinciding with International Design Week in the main courtyard of the Statale University in Milan

UK, 4 March 2013 – The worldwide leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, Cosentino has collaborated with international architect and designer, Daniel Libeskind to create a spectacular project made from Silestone quartz surfaces. This stunning project entitled ‘Beyond The Wall’ utilises the new Suede finish for Silestone quartz surfaces to form a striking polycentric spiral.

The ‘Beyond The Wall’ project will be installed in the main courtyard of the Statale University in Milan from the 8 to 30 April to coincide with International Design Week.

Daniel Libeskind, B.Arch. M.A. BDA AIA, is an international architect and designer. Born in Łód´z, Poland in 1946, Libeskind was a virtuoso musician at a young age before giving up music to become an architect. He has received numerous awards and designed world-renowned projects including: the Jewish Museum in Berlin, the Denver Art Museum, the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, the Military History Museum in Dresden, and the masterplan for Ground Zero among others.

Daniel Libeskind’s commitment to expanding the scope of architecture reflects his profound interest and involvement in philosophy, art, literature and music. Fundamental to Libeskind’s philosophy is the notion that buildings are crafted with the perceptible human energy, and that they address the greater cultural context in which they are built. Daniel teaches and lectures at universities across the world. He resides in New York City with his wife and business partner, Nina Libeskind.

About Libeskind Design

Over the years, Daniel Libeskind has been fortunate to be commissioned by a number of international design firms to develop a diverse array of objects, as well as bespoke furniture and industrial fixtures for the interiors of his buildings. In order to further develop his designs, Libeskind chose to establish a design company in Milan, the international center for design, with unparalleled artisans, care for detail and connections to the broader world of contemporary architecture, art and culture. The office has been commissioned to design products in Austria, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Netherlands, United States and Italy.

The designs reflect Libeskind’s profound interest in the world of everyday objects and the stories they tell about their environment and the people who use them. It is fundamental to his motivation that products are crafted with perceptible human energy and that they challenge and contribute to the fields of product, industrial and interior design in the same way his buildings speak to architecture and culture. The spirit animating the new enterprise is to craft every object in an innovative and unique way, to make everyday life a little more beautiful and interesting. Beyond interiors and objects, Libeskind Design has also been commissioned to design two museum exhibitions and several cultural installations in 2013.

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