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Introducing Lustrous New Dekton XGloss Colours

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The global leader in the production and distribution of surfaces for the world of architecture and design, the Cosentino Group presents three new colours for its range of high shine ultra-compact surfaces, Dekton® XGloss.

Timeless and unique, these three new lustrous colours, Glacier, Fiord and Tundra are inspired by natural stone and fuse aesthetic beauty with deep luminosity to create the Dekton® XGloss Natural collection. Teamed with the high tech qualities of Dekton®, the exclusive new designs highlight Cosentino’s unmatchable capacity for innovation.

As with each colour in the Dekton® XGloss range, seeing is believing; only when you come into direct contact with the surface can you truly appreciate the dazzling crystalline shine. These three new colours now take the XGloss range to a total of eight, offering customers a spectrum of shades for a multitude of applications.

Dekton® XGloss Natural




Inspired by natural stone, Glacier features fine golden veins over a white base. This understated, subtle option has an interesting elegance about it – blurring its details from a distance, yet revealing its full intricacies when seen up close. The epitome of design and purity from any angle.



Featuring the luxurious creamy tones of Onyx, Fiord recaptures the beauty of natural stone. Yellows, earthen colours and other intense tones make up the range of colours within the slab, infusing it with warmth. Fiord exudes sophistication, with a unique and dazzling structure.



A marble-like colour with a white background and remarkable structures of grey veins across the slab, Tundra’s authentic appearance is sumptuous yet delicate. An exquisite, dazzling colour, it offers the style of marble without the high maintenance.

The reflective qualities of Dekton® XGloss are achieved through an advanced nanotechnological treatment and mechanical polishing process which creates an extraordinary, illuminated and crystal-like shine. This impressive line benefits from the strength and stain resistance of the Dekton® ultracompact surface, creating a product of exceptional performance with unique characteristics.

The Cosentino Group’s Research and Development Department developed the pioneering and exclusive nanotechnology treatment named ‘Nanocoating Process’. This technology gives Dekton® XGloss unique hidrofugant (water repellent) properties creating an extraordinary resistance to stains without changing any other properties of the material nor adding any external protection to coat the surface.

The ‘Nanocoating Process’ and mechanical polishing enhances Dekton®’s colour, giving an exceptional, mirror-like gloss.

Dekton® XGloss is designed for use in a variety of applications. Due to its nature and technology, the surface maintains an excellent resistance to stains as well as UV rays, allowing for both indoor and outdoor applications, and together with large format options provides immense creative possibilities to architects and designers. Dekton® by Cosentino comes with a 10-year warranty.

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