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Chef Jun Tanaka Selects Silestone for Home Kitchen

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Jun Tanaka

Acclaimed chef Jun Tanaka has selected Silestone by Cosentino for his home kitchen. Best known for his simple, yet refined French -Mediterranean style sharing dishes, Jun has made regular appearances on BBC One’s MasterChef and ITV’s Saturday Morning with James Martin. Having previously worked in eight Michelin-starred restaurants, Jun earned a Michelin star for his own restaurant, The Ninth after just one year of opening and has retained the star ever since. Silestone Snowy Ibiza was the colour of choice for Jun’s home kitchen worktops, perfectly complementing metallic appliances and on-trend dark blue cabinets by renowned kitchen manufacturer deVOL.

Jun Tanaka Kitchen Island

Embracing an open-plan layout, Jun’s kitchen allows plenty of space for meal preparation, while a large island is ideal for entertaining guests. Wooden flooring and bar stools create an interesting natural contrast against crisp white tiles and walls for a modern yet rustic style. Fabricated by Natural Stone Surfaces, Silestone Snowy Ibiza’s delicate and irregular veining creates depth and luminosity, resulting in an elegant finish.

Jun Tanaka Kitchen Island Close Up

Jun comments, “When I was renovating my house, the one room that I did not want to compromise on was the kitchen. It’s the heart of my home – where I spend most of my time, so I wanted the best equipment, design and worktops. Cooking at home involves numerous pots and pans, multiple chopping boards and plenty of food preparation. This is why I need a work surface that is highly resistant to stains and scratches but also aesthetically beautiful. Therefore, Silestone was my first choice for the kitchen worktops.”

Jun Tanaka Kitchen Sink

Silestone Snowy Ibiza, like all Silestone products, offers a natural finish that is not only beautiful, but also comes with advanced technical properties.  Made from 90% quartz, Silestone by Cosentino is a practical choice for kitchen surfaces, where daily use is high. Extremely resistant to stains and scratches, Silestone also boasts a very low liquid absorption rate, repelling liquid and facilitating easy daily cleaning. NSF International has awarded Silestone with NSF certification, highlighting the safety of the surface when in contact with food.

Photo credit: Bircan Tulga

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