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Key Design Trends as Australians Embrace Smaller Spaces – Con Papadakis, Cosentino Australia National Commercial and Sales Project Manager

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 The demand for smaller homes is higher than ever and Australians are looking to multi-residential projects as a solution. Europeans have long embraced compact homes as a way to enjoy inner city living with the current trend for apartments overseas moving towards smaller apartments. Locally, we are seeing a mix of small and large apartments depending on the demographic.

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Photo Credit: Savannah by Sekisui House

As property demand grows in our capital cities, so does the importance of great design that is both functional and stylish. As a result, we’re seeing significant investment in quality materials to create a luxury look even in the smallest of spaces, driven by current market prices. Natural elements like stone and wood adding a personal touch in these complexes. Below are some key trends we’re seeing coming through as multi-residential projects continue to pick up pace in Australia.

When designing a smaller space, choosing a suitable colour palette plays a significant role in setting the overall tone of your home. We are finding that customers in Sydney and Brisbane are selecting lighter tones such as Silestone in Blanco Zeus to brighten up their rooms, whilst Melbourne residents prefer darker tones such as Silestone in Cemento Spa to create sleek and contemporary spaces.

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Photo Credit: Alma Road

High quality finishes such as quartz and natural stone surfaces are expected as standard in inner city apartments, combining functionality with style. Cosentino’s Silestone range is made from 94% natural quartz and offers benefits which are unparalleled with any other material.  Our Silestone range features more than 80 different colours, in three different textures and a number of thicknesses, offering almost endless choice to complement any project or space.

Another trend we are seeing spread across Australian homes is the application of thinner benchtops. Slimmer surfaces are the perfect tool for creating a bold statement with a clean crisp feel. While 3mm-12mm surfaces have been in popular in Europe for a number of years, we are finally seeing this infiltrate the Australian market thanks to technological advances in ultra-compact products. Cosentino’s range of Dekton ultra-compact surfaces is available in a range of thicknesses to bring this trend to life both inside and outside!

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Photo Credit: SJD developments

While larger spaces offer the freedom for bolder design decisions, smaller areas require intricate planning because every last feature is noticed. This can often lead to more creativity not only in aesthetics, but also in strategic use of space. Every visual choice can define the room, so designers are increasingly relied upon to incorporate flexibility and versatility into design ideas.

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Photo Credit: Mowbray Dislay Suite VIC

As smaller spaces continue to become the norm in inner city areas, design choices will continue to evolve, with inner city buyers expecting high quality finishes as standard renowned interior designers making apartments must have addresses. New trends will emerge, bringing with them a distinctly Australian flavour; from matte benchtops & splashbacks, in bold black or crisp white tones are already proving to be popular in both Sydney and Melbourne, while texture and organic materials will bring the outside into these urban spaces.

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