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Silestone Slab Vase Revival – Part of Form Us With Love’s Jubilee Exhibition

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During Stockholm Design Week in 2013, Cosentino presented Silestone Slab Vases in collaboration with the Swedish design studio, Form Us With Love. At the 2016 edition of Stockholm Design Week the vases will be displayed once again, this time as a part of Form Us With Love’s jubilee exhibition I-X at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. The vases are made out of Silestone and represent a mix of the material’s Spanish heritage and minimalistic Scandinavian design.

In 2012, Cosentino introduced a design collaboration with the Swedish design studio Form Us With Love. The collaboration resulted in Silestone Slab Vases; vases made out of Silestone rings stacked upon each other. The rings’ sizes, thickness and polish differ and create a sculptural vase. For each ring that is added, the vase gets a new shape. Silestone Slab Vases creates an interesting mix between Silestone’s Spanish heritage and the modern and minimalistic Scandinavian design.

This year, Form Us With Love celebrates its 10-year anniversary and presents the jubilee exhibition I-X. The exhibition, which takes place at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts during Stockholm Design Week 2016, curates selected works from the studio’s repertoire. One selected work is the Silestone Slab Vases.

“The result of our collaboration with Form Us With Love from 2012 is just as impressive today as four years ago. Silestone Slab Vases showed Silestone in a whole new way and we are very proud and happy that the vases will be displayed in Form Us With Love’s jubilee exhibition I-X.” says Anna Granstig, marketing coordinator at Cosentino Group Scandinavia.

Silestone comes in several colours and Form Us With Love decided to use a range of grey colours with some brighter details in colours such as red.

We wanted to examine the material. We started out by lifting, feeling and exploring the stone. Silestone Slab Vases is a conceptual project, which encourages a new way to play with stone.” says Jonas Pettersson and John Löfgren from Form Us With Love.

In connection with the exhibition a book called I-X will be released. The book, which is designed by Henrik Nygren Design, describes the thoughts of each product. The exhibition will be opened to the public during Stockholm Design Week, 5th-12th of February 2016.

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