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Silestone Trendspotter Denise McGaha’s Lilac Kitchen

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Denise McGaha Interiors is consistently ahead of the curve, not just influencing interior trends, but often dictating them. Denise’s trademarked process for “designing with a deadline” makes her the go-to designer for clients who want luxury without the wait.

Created as part of the Silestone Trendspotter series, Denise McGaha, working together with Cosentino, Kohler and Benjamin Moore, brings lilac to life in an incredibly functional and stylish kitchen that’s layered in tones of purple. The space is designed to be the true heart of the home; breakfast at the coffee bar, a work station or venue to host lunches, and a perfect spot to enjoy an evening glass of wine. Denise used Silestone Eternal Charcoal Soapstone on the bar and island and Silestone Eternal Series Calacatta Gold on the counters around the cabinet walls.

Who did you have in mind when you designed this space and how do you imagine them using it? 

I imagined a large family with a few dogs – much like my family.  They would use this space at all times, for breakfast, during the day and in the evening. For entertaining there is a wine bar for before dinner drinks and access to the patio area for outside hors d’oeuvres.


The design element that immediately stands out in your kitchen is the use of a colour palette prominently featuring shades of purple. What about this colour family spoke to you? How did you select and use these different colours without being overwhelming?

Layering multiple shades of plum and lavender and using Benjamin Moore’s 2017 Colour of the Year, Shadow, allowed this space to have drama and a palette that serves everyone.  This ensures the space looks beautiful in a way that doesn’t feel either too masculine or feminine and staying within the same colour family prevents the scheme from becoming too overwhelming.


What advice do you have for homeowners using bold colour in the kitchen through paint or other materials?

Don’t be shy.  Paint is one of the best ways to make a statement and one of the easiest things to change.

The design of your space seems perfectly suited for entertaining. How did that element influence the design / ambiance you created?

This is definitely a space for entertaining but even an everyday kitchen should allow for guests. The addition of complementary metallics added both glamour and excitement, while harmoniously unifying the different design elements. These luxe accents tie back perfectly to the Cosentino countertop on the perimeter, and the beautiful gold veining of the Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold blends perfectly with the metallic tile.


Do you have any kitchen design tips for homeowners thinking about remodelling or building?

Make sure your sinks are large enough! When you entertain, there are often multiple courses and having room to stack dishes before a final clean up, helps everyone focus on each other and not the large mess in the kitchen. Equally, consider the practicalities of your surface choice. For a luxe marble look with hassle-free maintenance, the Silestone Eternal series is a great option. Its scratch and stain resistant properties are ideal for surfaces to keep up with busy family life, and its 25-year warranty offers extra peace of mind. Plus, the marble inspired designs are just so beautiful.


If you had to put a name to the design style of your room, what would it be?

Art deco with a dash of mid-century modern glam.

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