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Silestone® Unveils Expanded Eternal Collection

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NEW Silestone® Classic Calacatta, exclusive to Cosentino Elite Studios in 2018

  • The five new colours reinvent time-honoured classics, offering both versatility and vibrance in elegant golden and grey hues.

Following the tremendous success of the Eternal Collection, Silestone®, the world’s leading brand in the quartz surface category, is delighted to be expanding the luminary collection with the introduction of five new colours.  The new hues, exclusive to Cosentino’s Elite Studios throughout 2018, offer a modern, reinvented take on some of the most sought-after marbles and stones, coupled with the latest technological advancements from Silestone®.

The Eternal Collection is the first in Silestone®’s offering to have veining and highlights distributed completely through the material, including its edges, resulting in an even more natural appearance.  The five new colours are Bianco Calacatta, Classic Calacatta, Desert Silver, Eternal Emperador, and Eternal Marfil.

The unparalleled beauty of the surfaces is met with industry-leading performance, thanks to revolutionary Silestone® N-Boost technology.  This innovation, patented by Cosentino, modifies the material’s surface at a molecular level to further enhance its outstanding technical and aesthetic attributes, including greater colour saturation and extraordinary lustre, along with an enhanced water repellence ensuring it is easier than ever to clean and maintain.  As with all Silestone® natural quartz products, the Eternal Collection includes the notable characteristics that set the brand apart: high resistance to impact and scratching, manufactured in large formats, versatility of application and an impressive 25-year warranty.

Cosentino’s investment in R&D to develop the complex full body designs of the Silestone® Eternal Collection has received wide recognition by consumers, architects and designers alike.  We are delighted to present these new Eternal colours and we look forward to the collection’s continued success in 2018”, says Valentin Tijeras, VP Global Product and R&D.

Silestone® New Eternal Collection | 2018 Introductions | Exclusive to Cosentino Elite Studios


Bianco Calacatta

The standout hue in the 2018 collection combines thick, electric veins with a soft grey background for drama and contrast, creating an instant focal point in any space.


Classic Calacatta

Elegant and subtle, Classic Calacatta reinterprets coveted Calacatta marble.  Its uniform grey veins stretch across the slab with a translucent appearance, evoking an authentic resemblance to real stone.


Desert Silver

More monochromatic in its appearance, Desert Silver offers an icy aesthetic enhanced by fine, clear veining. Inspired by the timeless appeal of marble, it would complement any type of setting.


Eternal Emperador

A warm, tobacco brown background contrasts against lighter streaks, embracing earthy tones reflective of a growing demand for moody, darker marbles.  Here, tradition and elegance reinvents itself with a touch of sumptuousness for a bold statement. 


Eternal Marfil

Creamy, soft and minimalist, Eternal Marfil puts a unique spin on Crema Marfil marble to bring an organic serene aesthetic to the space.

The five new Silestone® Eternal colours will be exclusive to Cosentino’s Elite Studios throughout 2018.

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