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Creating a Statement Kitchen

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Statement Kitchens

The art of creating a statement kitchen with wow-factor often revolves around capturing the personality of the homeowner.  Whether it is centred around family life or a base for entertaining, a kitchen should reflect your lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also stand out from the crowd.


The choice of flooring is an important consideration which shouldn’t be rushed. Choosing a similar tone for the floor and worktop will create a sense of flow whilst still delivering on style.  As seen in the image below, Dekton Nilium has been used to cover the floor, creating a textured and warm effect, complementing the rest of the kitchen.

Dekton Nilium Statement Flooring

Dekton Nilium Flooring

Dekton is the ideal choice for domestic uses such as flooring, staircases and cladding thanks to its outstanding technical properties, which include a high resistance to UV rays, scratches and stains, along with production in large format slabs (up to 144cm x 320cm). These large format slabs allow for the creation of seamless spaces for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Alternatively, contrasting textures and designs can create a unique look. Herringbone flooring is a great example of this as its uniform structure creates an eye catching pattern.

Dekton Bergen Worktop with Herringbone Flooring

Dekton Bergen worktop with Herringbone Tile Flooring


To create a statement with lighting, a trio of a pendants is both effective and popular.  You could also think about adding a large shade or chandelier for an eye catching display.  Often centred over an island or seating area, statement lighting adds another layer to an otherwise ordinary design.

Silestone Lagoon worktops with statement pendant lighting

Silestone Lagoon worktops with statement pendant lighting. Kitchen designed by Kitchens by Nick McNally*

Wonderful Worktops

Worktops should look good and offer practical benefits. Available in a wide range of designs, Dekton is ideal for statement worktops.  Incorporating gloss or high shine materials can transform a dark, dull room into a vibrant, light space that’s ideal for entertaining.  Gloss finishes also help achieve a modern look. The new Dekton Stonika high-shine collection boasts incredible attention to detail and lustrous, mirror-like shine. Plus, great for busy family kitchens, these hardwearing surfaces offer a high resistance to scratches, staining and heat. This means hot pans can be places straight on to the surface.

Dekton Arga statement kitchen

Dekton Arga

Drop edges or waterfall worktops can be both striking and practical, helping to protect cabinetry, hide appliances and create a space for seating. An island can be fully covered for a statement look, or alternatively a single drop edge can be used to clad the end of a breakfast bar.  If you have the space, a large island can add the wow-factor. Both Silestone and Dekton surfaces are available in large format slabs (up to 320cmx158cm for Silestone and 320cmx144cm for Dekton), allowing for seamless continuation and a finish without joins.

Dekton Laos Waterfall Worktop

Dekton Laos from the Industrial Collection Waterfall Worktop

Statement Splashbacks

A forecasted trend for 2019, splashbacks are now often used to create a statement in the kitchen. Whether it be through the use of colourful tiling or a single slab of material, splashbacks are stepping away from the mundane and coming into their own as a design feature. Depending on personal tastes, splashbacks can match your chosen style of worktop for a fluid feel. Alternatively, single slab splashbacks are becoming increasingly popular. These can start from the top of the worktop or back of the hob and continue up to the ceiling for a dramatic effect.

Silestone Bianco Calacatta splashback

Silestone Bianco Calacatta

*Images reproduced with kind permission from Nick McNally Kitchens

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