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The Cosentino Design Challenge Jury Announces the Winners of the 7th Edition Competition

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The Spanish multinational and world leader in the production and distribution of quartz, natural stone and recycled surfaces, Cosentino is pleased to announce that the Cosentino Design Challenge Jury has selected the winners for the 7th edition Cosentino Design Challenge 2013. Prizes are awarded for two categories, Architecture and Design and each category was awarded with three individual prizes of 1.000 Euros each.

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The 2013 jury was composed of representatives from some schools and universities that have collaborated in the competition: Hilde Den Bieman from the Dutch Design Academy Eindhoven; William Feuerman from the University of Technology Sydney, Australia; Anthusa Löffler from the German School of Architecture HTWK Leipzig; Matthew DeGeeter from the US association ASID; Isabel Plaza from Escuela de Arte número 10 de Madrid (Spain); Raúl Fraga and Ricardo Santonja from Escuela de Arquitectura de Madrid (Spain); Jorge Roa from Escuela de Arquitectura de Sevilla (Spain); Antonio Castilla from Escuela de Arte de Almería (Spain); Jorge Marín from Escuela de Arte de Almería (Spain) and Lucía Ferrater and Joan Casals from Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona (Spain).

The architect from Barcelona, Félix Arranz and the architect from Valencia, Ramón Esteve from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Valencia were also invited to take part in this jury. Santiago Alfonso, Director of Communication and Marketing represented the Cosentino Group.

The objective of the Cosentino Design Challenge competition is to support student talent as well as promoting research on different concepts related to space, material and construction systems. This year’s competition has been the most popular to date in terms of the number of projects received and the wide variety of nationalities of participants. The architecture category received a total of 178 applications and 87 projects were presented for the design category, all of them from countries in Europe, America and Australia.

The number of schools and universities that participated in the competition has also been a resounding success this year. A total of twelve prestigious institutions, schools and international universities have actively participated in the Cosentino Design Challenge 2013.

The winners of the Cosentino Design Challenge Architecture contest, whose objective was to design an outdoor kitchen from an innovative conceptual approach using mainly Cosentino materials were:

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  • “DINNER AT THE STARS” from Cristina Terán Sanjuán (ETSAM – Madrid)

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  • “THE REINVENTION OF THE BARBECUE BENCH” from Matthew Sikora (University of Technology Sydney).

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  • “LAS EXPERIENCIAS” from Alejandro Guijarro Sosa (ETSAM – Madrid) and “SCAEXTRIC” from Beatriz Mellado Fernández (ETSAG – Granada). (Prize shared between both projects).

The winners of the Cosentino Design Challenge Design contest, who had to reflect on “Cosentino and the office“, presenting a proposal completely open to interpretation and falling under this theme and which featured Cosentino materials adapted for this purpose, were:

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  • “SIN NOMBRE (nn19)” from Zuzana Zathurecka (ETSAM-Madrid)

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  • “SYMBOL” from Javier Gutiérrez Asensio (Escuela de Arte Superior de Diseño de Alicante)

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  • “E-GLU” from Pedro Pablo de la Barra (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)

Cosentino Design Challenge Architecture Acknowledgements:

  • “URBAN KITCHEN BY COSENTINO” from Ignacio Javier Palenzuela Hernández (Escuela de Arte de Almeria)
  • “GREEN KITCHEN” from Karen Schröter (HTWK School of Architecture Leipzig University)
  • “enMARcocina” from Álvaro Rafael Contreras Sánchez (Escuela de Arte de Almeria)

Cosentino Design Challenge Design Acknowledgement:

  • “COLORÍN COLORADO” from Paula Pascual López (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
  • “HIPÉRBOLA” from Manuel Palacios García (Escuela de Arte número 10 de Madrid)
  • “STONO PHONIC” from Vivienne Van Den Dungen (Design Academy Eindhoven)

The jury’s decision was reached on the 19th of June at the Cosentino Barcelona Centre. During this meeting, proposals for the theme of the eighth edition of the Cosentino Design Challenge were discussed, which will be launched later this year.

The posters of the winners are available on the website of the International Competition Cosentino Design Challenge:

Cosentino TV:

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