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The Cosentino Group and GANDIABLASCO Announce Partnership

The global leader in the production and distribution of surfaces for the world of architecture and design, the Cosentino Group, has partnered with iconic design brand, GANDIABLASCO to supply surfaces from its ultra-compact series, Dekton® for a stunning new outdoor furniture collection.

Originally dominant in the textile industry, GANDIABLASCO has made the transition into architecture and design with the production of a number stunning outdoor spaces for various projects across the globe.

The company currently produce a vast selection of furniture products that possess both elegant and hard wearing properties, which combine together to create outdoor environments that are synonymous with its Mediterranean roots. The partnership with the Cosentino Group allows GANDIABLASCO to pair its inventive and conceptual outdoor furnishings with the most innovative materials on the market.

Developed exclusively by the Group’s R&D department, Dekton® is manufactured with Technology of Sinterized Particles (TSP), an innovative ultra-compaction process. This results in an extremely durable material that is highly water and stain resistant. Dekton® is also easy to maintain, offers excellent colour stability and can withstand a number of climatic conditions, making it the ideal surface partner for GANDIABLASCO’s striking designs.

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