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The Cosentino Group Presents its Silestone® Bathroom Collection at the ISH Bathroom Trade Fair in Germany

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  •  The German standard DIN 51097:1992 certifies that Silestone® shower trays are highly slip-resistant.
  • The ‘Exclusive’ sink model is the first bathroom sink to be made from one piece of Silestone® with no joins.
  • Silestone® is the perfect material for use in bathrooms thanks to its exclusive bacteriostatic properties.

Cosentino Group at ISH trade fair Pavilion 3.0

Stand E99

The world leader in the production and distribution of quartz, natural stone and recycled surfaces, Cosentino is showcasing its latest Silestone Bathroom Collection with bacteriostatic properties at the world-leading ISH bathroom trade fair. Held in Frankfurt from the 12 to 16 March 2013, the Silestone Bathroom Collection will be showcased on stand E99.

The large, custom-made components of the Silestone Bathroom Collection allow for minimal joins for a clean, fresh and bright appearance and can be used for bath surrounds, shower enclosures, wall cladding and flooring. The Silestone Bathroom Collection also benefits from seven shower tray models (Ducal, Kador, Fresh, Doppio, Freccia, Bubbles and Flow) and eight sink models (Elegance, Armony, Balance, Equilibrium, Symmetry, Basic, Simplicity and Exclusive).

The Exclusive sink is the first bathroom sink to be made from one piece of Silestone® with no joins, similar to the Silestone® Integrity sink, which is the first kitchen sink to be made from one piece of Silestone®. This model is offered in two families, ONE and DUE that differ in their geometry. The DUE family consists of two sizes, large and small and as is the case of all the other wash basin models from the collection, they are available with either one or two basins.

The Silestone shower trays have received the German certification DIN 51097:1992. This standard certifies that the shower trays in the Silestone® Bathroom Collection are highly slip-resistant, confirming that Silestone® is the ideal material for bathroom spaces.

The entire Silestone® Bathroom Collection is custom-made. Silestone® sinks can be installed in sizes ranging from 60cm x 90cm to 60cm x 280cm; and the shower trays can measure up to a width of 130 cm and a length of 75 cm to 200 cm.

All elements from the latest Silestone Bathroom Collection incorporate the exclusive Silestone® bacteriostatic property, which makes it the ideal choice for this space in the home, where hygiene is paramount.

The Bathroom Collection is available in all Silestone® colours, as well as in all Eco by Cosentino colours, the company’s recycled surface.

Images are available to download in the below link:

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