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The Cosentino Group Sets More Records in 2017 with €901 Million in Revenue, €128 Million in EBITDA and €57 Million in Net Profit


     /></p><p>The world leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, the <strong>Cosentino Group </strong>continues to strengthen its economic and financial position as well as its commitment to <strong>sustainable growth based on innovation, new technologies and efficient management.</strong></p><p><strong><em>Results and Key Figures from Fiscal Year 2017</em></strong></p><p><strong>The company closed Fiscal Year 2017 with consolidated revenue of €901 million, </strong>representing an increase of more than 8% on 2016, a figure negatively impacted by the depreciation of sales income against the euro. <strong>In comparable terms (using a regularised exchange rate), this figure was 10%</strong>, highlighting strong growth in certain markets, including Europe (+20%) and Spain/Portugal (+12%).</p><p><strong>In terms of operating results, the company</strong>’<strong>s EBITDA last fiscal year totalled €128 million, </strong>or an increase of 10%. Changes in the exchange rate had a strong negative impact on this figure; relatively speaking, this effect was even more pronounced here than for the sales figures mentioned above. With regularised figures, <strong>the relative growth on 2016 was 19%</strong>. This increase in profitability was caused by the absorption of fixed costs, which led to an increase in consolidated revenue (+10%).</p><p>The accounting figure with the most pronounced improvement over the last fiscal year was<strong> net profit, which totalled €57 million, or a 33% increase on 2016</strong>. This was due to very strong financial results, as well as the financial coverage provided by the exchange rate risk management policy, which mitigated the negative effect previously mentioned in the EBITDA case.</p><p><img class= March 16, 2018 Categorised in:

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