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The Beauty of A Waterfall Worktop

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Waterfall Worktops

With kitchen design evolving at a rapid pace, many are spending more time than ever considering their worktop. Waterfall worktops are a design feature that many now covet, opting for this style due to its easy to achieve, seamless finish and elegant look.

Waterfall Islands

Waterfall worktops are often chosen to cover an island.  A ‘waterfall island’ refers to a kitchen island with a worktop edge that flows over the side of the surface, covering the sides and continuing down to the floor. An instant design statement in the kitchen, waterfall worktops can be fabricated in various thicknesses.  A thinner worktop suits more modern, Shaker style kitchens whilst a thicker surface would go well in minimalist, Scandinavian themes.

Frank A Kitchens Project with Dekton Entzo Worktop

Frank A Kitchens Project with Dekton Entzo Surface

Waterfall Edges

If you do not have an island in your kitchen but want to add a touch of flair, then a single waterfall edge will also provide a similar feel.   A waterfall edge is ideal for (but not limited to) a breakfast bar or exposed peninsula end.  This will give the illusion that the worktop flows straight into the floor. It is also great for practical reasons, protecting cabinetry and hiding appliances. Additionally, a waterfall surface can be extended, creating a recess where seating can be arranged and stored. 

Colliers Kitchens Project with Dekton Kelya Worktop

Colliers Kitchens Project with Dekton Kelya Worktop

Colour and Texture

The colour and texture of your surface can be chosen to either contrast or match other elements of your kitchen. Waterfall edges are great for showing off statement worktops, such as marble inspired designs from the Silestone Eternal range. Opting for the same hue but different textures is also growing in popularity. This is great for zoning, helping separate food preparation and dining areas on an island for example.

Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold Worktop

Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold

Using a different surface on your waterfall island from the rest of the kitchen creates contrast and depth whilst also drawing the eye in.  Black worktops with light coloured flooring and vice versa is a classic combination that exudes wow-factor.  This is demonstrated in the below kitchen which boasts the use of distinctive Silestone Eternal Marquina worktops and matching splashbacks against a softer tone of flooring.

Silestone Eternal Marquina Worktop

Silestone Eternal Marquina worktop and splashback by Affordable Granite

Alternatively, it can be beneficial to use a similar tone for both flooring and worktop to create truly cohesive look and feeling of space. This is a popular choice amongst many for its minimalist vibe, allowing texture to be added through fixtures and fittings such as sinks, taps and cabinetry.

Waterfall Worktops, Silestone Iconic White

Silestone Iconic White, used for both the island and the floor

Finishing Touches

One of the many reasons why waterfall worktops have become popular is due to the simplicity and elegance they offer. A fabricator can add a bespoke touch with drainer groves or edge profiles. Cosentino has a network of Loyalty Fabricators, whilst a good kitchen or interior design studio will be able to recommend one too. Ultra compact Dekton and Silestone quartz surfaces are ideal for waterfall edging due to their ability to be fabricated in a number of ways.  These materials also provide consistent colour as well as hard wearing properties and stain resistance, great for busy households.

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