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The meeting point for interior design and architecture professionals in the heart of Madrid, on Paseo de la Castellana. With more than 1,000 m2 spread over three floors, Cosentino City Madrid includes an Atelier Lab, a central space as a library of materials where you can find inspiration and develop all kinds of projects. It also has various social areas and digital design tools. A space to learn about the materials used for worktops, flooring and cladding and to attend numerous meetings with professionals, exhibitions, round tables, showcookings, etc.


"Choosing to work with Cosentino not only means selecting the highest quality materials, but also partnering with a brand that values innovation, sustainability and excellence in every step of the project. The human values conveyed by the entire Cosentino team, such as humility, self-improvement, effort, and passion for what they do, align with my own values. In addition, the capacity for customisation that all their materials offer us, adding a plus to each project, means that counting on Cosentino is always a safe bet."

Virginia Albuja

Interior designer

"Cosentino City Madrid is an obligatory stop for our studio. The wide range of materials and the exquisite attention to our clients and to ourselves is essential for the development of our projects."

Miguel Fernández-Galiano


"My experience with Cosentino City in Madrid is very good. It allows me to see and touch the materials for my projects, enjoy large formats, and all of this, comfortably, well advised and with my clients. It is a useful and practical space to be able to work on my projects, together with my clients, and with the help I need."

Raúl Martins

Interior designer

‘It is very useful because you can see all of Cosentino materials without obligation and take samples of the colours with you. Also, the service is very good.’

Gonzalo L.


‘The lady who served us was very kind. They provide you with colour samples so that you can decide at home.’

Gonzalo Benítez


‘We were in the shop and were served by a very nice lady. We told her that we were not looking to buy anything, that we were doing some work at home and wanted to see the Silestone options for the kitchen worktop. Not only did she show us the model we asked her about, but she also showed us similar designs and introduced us to Dekton, which made us change our minds and choose this option in Kairos colour. She was lovely and very professional, we were very satisfied.’

Nuria Álvarez


‘We were served by a very nice lady. We had a question about the finish of our worktop and were delighted. It is a pleasure to meet real professionals.’

David González


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