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The Top 7 Kitchen Makeover Trends

Top Trends

Kitchen trends from Cosentino

Kitchens are no longer hidden away in the most secluded part of the house. We’ve come a long way since the days of linoleum floors and formica cupboards that overlooked inner courtyards. Modern lifestyles, more durable and attractive materials and the popularity of programmes like MasterChef mean kitchens have become the focal point of our homes.

Kitchens often account for a large part of the budget for home refurbishments. It is also the room that provides the greatest number of customisation options in new build projects. Today, we are reviewing the top kitchen trends:

1. Open plan kitchens that open onto the living room

Dekton Natura open plan kitchen

Dekton Nautra

Modern kitchens are taking over the living room to become the heart and soul of the home. From kitchens that are completely integrated into the living area to other semi-open designs with industrial style sliding doors, the aim is to achieve open sight lines and a feeling of space. It’s a space for living in, for sharing a glass of wine while cooking or hosting dinner parties with friends. This trend calls for a clean and clutter-free space since it is always in use and on show. It also calls for decoration that is in harmony with the rest of the home.

2. Continuity in materials

Dekton Lunar concrete look

Dekton Luna

Open plan kitchens also call for continuity in materials. We often see how hardwood floors in the living room flow seamlessly into the kitchen area. The same effect can be achieved by integrating the appliances and by using the same paint, wallpaper or exposed brickwork to unify the walls. This kitchen with Dekton Lunar surfaces showcases the sense of flow we are referring to.

In terms of flooring materials for the dining room, micro cement and mosaic tiles remain in fashion. In the latter case, the mosaic could be used to create a flow between two spaces or perhaps to define a space (for example, the dining area).

3. Natural or raw finishes: wood makes a comeback

Silestone Eternal Statuario

Silestone Eternal Statuario

After several years of very minimal designs with a saturation of white and steel kitchen trends, natural finishes are currently in vogue. We want lived-in, welcoming spaces. Cosy kitchens in natural materials like wood offer this feeling; and if it has a unique grain and flaws, even better.

Dark shades of stained wood are also increasing in popularity. Finally, wood lacquered in graphite grey or black is the ideal complement to the industrial look.

4. White marble worktop

Dekton Aura 15 worktop and splashback

Dekton Aura 15

Just as in fashion it’s not unusual to combine a high-street Zara suit with a high-end Gucci handbag, kitchen decoration can follow the same rule. Economical kitchen cabinetry that looks good can be enhanced with a wow factor worktop. The worktop must be of a high quality to withstand daily use and also to add a special finishing touch to your kitchen. White marble worktops are timeless and a great way to add a touch of luxury. Alternatively, a statement black worktop can contrast with natural, untreated wood. Dekton is a wonderful way of bringing a splash of sophistication to your kitchen. Designs such as Taga or Bromo from the Stonika and Industrial collections can help you to get the look with added practical benefits.

5. Luxury details in black and gold

Sensa by Cosentino Taj Mahal

Sensa by Cosentino Taj Mahal

The kitchens of today exude elegance and luxury. Black and gold are the perfect pairing for this blend of industrial and mid-century achieved by combining cupboards in black lacquer with hints of gold. Gold is seen on taps and handles (copper has gone out of fashion) and also in the decorative lamps typically found in the dining room. We love the Sensa Taj Mahal natural stone, combining black, white and gold tones.

6. Accessories hidden away out of sight

Dekton Slim Sirius

Dekton Slim cladding in Sirius

As part of the search for harmony and sleek lines, everything that sticks out and looks ugly is hidden away. Handles have given way to handleless. There are no handles to be seen – unless you are coveting a vintage or traditional feel. Cosentino has developed the Dekton Slim collection for covering furniture or cabinetry, perfect for creating this minimalist concept. Extractor hoods are also hidden away. New appliances boast state-of-the-art technology, absorbing fumes and smells without the need for a visible, noisy extractor hood.

7. Industrial style continues 

Dekton Bromo

Dekton Bromo

The trend for industrial décor is set to remain popular. While it’s not so prevalent in the rest of the home, the industrial look is well suited to the kitchen. Industrial touches can include: exposed brick walls, large Crittal glass doors with steel panels and factory-style ceiling lamps.

Kitchen appliances inspired professional kitchens are a nod to the functional beginnings of the humble home kitchen. Large gas hobs and XL ovens are in perfect keeping with the industrial style.

Dekton Sogne

Dekton Sogne

Next Steps!

We hope our round up of top kitchen trends will inspired you in your kitchen makeover journey. If you are not sure about which worktop could provide that touch of luxury to your dream kitchen, visit one of our many Centres or our flagship showroom on Old Street in London.

You’ll find a plethora of Silestone and Dekton samples in different sizes that you can get hands on with. What’s more, we have a clever digital tool where you can preview different finishes in kitchens, bathrooms and outside spaces.

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