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Spending more time at home? Get the most from your kitchen with these ideas

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This unexpected extra time at home is the perfect opportunity to make your kitchen a more inviting place, a space where you can get together with your family and where you can try to make the time as relaxing and entertaining as possible. For this reason, we have come up with some ideas to help you revamp your kitchen with features that will make it an appealing place to spend more time.


Kitchens with an understated decor can be brought to life with a range of cheerful colours, such as red, orange, blue or green. How can you add these accents of colour and make your kitchen a more welcoming place? This can be done in many ways: by painting over tiles or wallpapering the every day dining area. Also, by replacing handles with ones that are more eye-catching and in colourful shades. If all this seems a bit too much, you could try adding a splash of colour with textiles instead, which are very easy and cheap to replace, such as kitchen towels, seat cushions or curtains.


If you feel that the space is somewhat bland, another solution is to add metallic elements with a gold or copper finish, which gives it a luxurious and sophisticated touch. This can be done with the addition of trays, vases, lamps and even by replacing the taps. Additionally, renewed cabinet handles or switches and plugs can give a bright touch to your kitchen’s decor resulting in a more elegant, cosy and sophisticated kitchen.


Pictures and sculptures are often used to decorate different parts of the house, from the living room and master bedroom and even to connecting areas such as hallways and stairs. So why do we always forget to add works of art to the kitchen? One good idea is to hang an attractive still life, such as a simple poster or a drawing by the kids, if you have children. Add a frame to give it more prominence and character. It will make the whole family happy and help make the kitchen feel more cheerful and cosy.


Don’t want to forget that cake recipe that you love to cook? Have some little artists at home who love to draw? Why not assign a piece of wall in the corner where you can do all of the above, with chalkboard paint. Entertainment guaranteed! Writing or drawing on this wall with chalk is simple, as is erasing it- just use a specially designed eraser or a damp cloth.


If you have a little space which receives natural light, it’s a great idea to set up a small garden where you can grow some plants for cooking, such as aromatic herbs (mint, basil, coriander…). You can also add some low-maintenance and easy-care vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers or courgettes. By spending just a bit of time on it each day, you should get a fantastic range of fresh and natural food, in just a few weeks, that will also contribute to making your kitchen a welcoming and ecological place.


We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking our favourite recipes. If you like music and television, how about adding them to this room? As far as music’s concerned, all you need to do is connect a speaker to your mobile. You will see that music can inspire you, while you get down to some cooking in the kitchen.

As for television, you just need to find the most suitable place and connect it up to the power and antenna cable. If this is not possible, use video senders, small devices that send the signal wirelessly. You can also turn to the easiest and most comfortable device: a tablet. You will be surprised by all the kitchen, decoration and home renovations programmes that are available…

With these ideas, you can easily give your kitchen a new lease of life with minor effort, allowing you to enjoy spending more time at home during these days in which we need to create as much positive energy in our homes as possible. Let’s do this!

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