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Kitchen Sidings

Fashions in the world of kitchen design come and go: in recent years we’ve seen numerous trends including tiling, stones, quartz facades, and retro inspiration


What doesn’t change is the need for a versatile material, which is both tough and stain resistant,

making your life simpler, and guaranteeing the hygiene and cleanliness you need in your home, with minimum effort.


In order to meet that brief, here at Cosentino we supply pieces with low porosity levels and low liquid absorption rates.

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Silestone’s Revolutionary Technology

Our N-Boost technology is the product of extensive research and development to take the functionality of Silestone to another level. It consists of a special, molecular-level treatment on the material’s surface to boost its technical quality,

making it easier than ever before to maintain and clean Silestone®. N-Boost also results in improved esthetics, achieving more intense colors and an extraordinary shine, thanks to the special effect created when it catches the light.

Where to buy?

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Kitchen Siding Applications

Materials and Formats

We make the perfect materials for your kitchen in over 60 colors, three textures, and a variety of formats to adapt to you and your home


Silestone and Dekton both offer great versatility; they can be produced on a large scale, with a minimal number of joins for easy maintenance.

It is the perfect material for many different uses in the kitchen.


Countless professionals rely on us to supply their materials for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and laboratories.

Why Silestone is perfect for Kitchen Sidings

Still not sure which material to choose?

Silestone es la marca perfecta para ti

Functionality and style to dress your kitchen. The Silestone surfaces are made of more than 90% natural quartz. It is a material with a hardness and strength, plus its daily stain resistant.

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Download the infographic and discover the new characteristics.

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