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12th Cosentino Design Challenge Winners


Cosentino Group has announced that the winners of the international 12th Annual Cosentino Design Challenge are:

Architecture Category Theme: Cosentino and the Performing Arts

Three winning projects, awarded €1,000 each

GEODA OF MARBLE of Laura García Navas (ESADA) – Descargar proyecto

Stalactige of Miguel J. Martínez Peirotén (ETSAM) – Descargar proyecto

DUTTILE of Estela Benito Molina (Universidad de Zaragoza) – Descargar proyecto

Four runners-up, awarded a certificate

At the edge of Gema Barranco Martín (ESADA) – Descargar proyecto

JUST AN ILLUSION of Charles Tutin and Gaspard Pellerin (École Camondo) – Descargar proyecto

Block of Patricia Bintaned Trigo and Eduardo Fustero Jarque (Universidad de Zaragoza) – Descargar proyecto

Darkness Lights of Silvia Franco Tarriño (ESADA) – Descargar proyecto

Design Category Theme: Cosentino and light:

Three winning projects, awarded €1,000 each

Marble Origami of Sophie Perrier (ESAM Design) – Descargar proyecto

Ascension of the Stones of Ulises Moya Rodríguez (ESADA) – Descargar proyecto

Bajo la sombra de un árbol of David Hervás Rey (ETSAM) – Descargar proyecto

Three runners-up, awarded a certificate

LascasLamp of Arturo Garrido Velilla (ETSAM) – Descargar proyecto

Wink Light of Julie Lefranc (ESAM Design) – Descargar proyecto

SUNSET of Cristina Moreno García (Escuela Politécnica Superior de Sevilla) – Descargar proyecto

The 12th Annual Cosentino Design Challenge received a total of 333 entries (141 for the architecture category and 192 for the design category), a 47% increase on the previous year.  

The jury deliberations for the Cosentino Design Challenge 12th edition took place at the Cosentino City Madrid. There, the members of the jury – five teachers from the competition’s partner schools, a guest architect and a representative of the Cosentino company – met.

PR_Cosentino Design Challenge 12 Winners 220618.


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