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Cosentino Group meets financial goals and reaches record figures of 834 million in Turnover in 2016


Cosentino Group continues to strengthen its economic position as well as its sustainable growth strategy; this is based on innovation, new technologies, and efficient management. Following this strategy, the multinational has, to date, already implemented almost 45% of its 2016-2019 Investment Plan.

More specifically, in 2016, Cosentino began investing a total of 170 million euros within the Plan’s framework which has a total budget of 380 million euros, of which almost 80% represent production investment aimed towards growth as well as product and channel diversification, while the rest represents commercial investments aimed at maintaining the Group’s international expansion process through the acquisition of new assets.

This investment-based approach, which aims to consolidate Cosentino’s position as a leader and lay the foundations of the company’s future model, is largely possible due to the Group’s financial strength, as shown by the audited data from the 2016 fiscal year. Last year, this multinational from Almeria, Spain achieved a total of 834 million euros in Consolidated Turnover which represents an increase of over 14% compared to 2015.

Regarding the EBITDA, the company achieved a result of 117 million euros in 2016, reflecting growth of 16.5% compared to the previous year. In this case, the negative impact of the exchange rates was even greater, and had the exchange rates remained constant from 2015 the corresponding growth rate would have been 23%. Lastly, Net Benefit showed a very positive evolution, rising to 43.3 million euros; this represents a very high increase compared to 2015 when the Group’s Net Benefit was 14.8 million euros.

Meanwhile, the total number of Group employees at the end of the 2016 fiscal year exceeded 3,600 worldwide, and as planned according to Cosentino’s mission for training and the generation of opportunities and employment. At the time of writing, this number had already risen to 3,750 employees. Last year, Cosentino created almost 300 new jobs.

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