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Dekton® by Cosentino presents five new colours that highlight the beauty of natural stone


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Dekton® by Cosentino, the new ultra-compact surface by the Cosentino Group created for the world of architecture and design, launches five new colours that highlight the beauty and purity of natural stone. 

In honour of the beauty that Nature has shared with us for millions of years, every creation of this new line encompasses unique design patterns with magnificent veining to evoke the most exquisite natural materials. These new colours stand out for their delicate harmony and incomparable beauty. 

These new references, called Aura, Edora, Irok, Kairos and Vegha, are added to Dekton® by Cosentino’s initial palette which was created at the start of 2013, and which was a revelation for the world of architecture and international design. As their inspiration is drawn from nature, these five new colours have been integrated into Dekton® by Cosentino’s Natural Collection. With their addition, the Dekton® range now has 15 colours, divided into three different collections: Solid Collection, Natural Collection and Tech Collection. 

Aura: a new design concept, an ethereal personality

Within this new collection, Aura stands out in particular as it embodies a new design concept that is remarkably attractive. With Aura, the Cosentino Group has developed a single slab design to create a limitless symmetrical pattern. Thanks to eight unique designs, compositions can be created where the veining continues from one slab to the next, giving a true mirror effect called bookmatching. Aura can therefore provide design continuity both vertically and horizontally, adapting to the customer’s preferred design.

As for the colour, Aura’s pale, white background is striated with fabulous, sharp veining evoking natural rock formations. Thousands of years of hidden beauty come to life in this remarkable and elegant creation.

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Edora: delicacy at its best 

Edora is uniform in colour yet contains delicate, undulating textures offering a minimalist concept and a natural look. Its warm grey is distinctly stylish and is both classic as well as avant-garde. Beautifully timeless and beyond trends.

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Irok: constant beauty

A delicate effect of faded shading gives Irok its unmistakable appearance. Within the cream colour range, its mellow texture evokes the look of old limestone. Enduring beauty for a myriad of modern applications. 

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Kairos: the attractiveness of light

Kairos offers a finish defined by white, striated with cool, pale shades of grey.Its natural veining adapts perfectly to both classic and cutting edge environments. Elegant brightness for all applications. 

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Vegha: powerful intensity

The stormy grey of Vegha has a very particular depth of colour which is visually strong without being monotonous.Inspired by the natural formations of limestone and sandstone, its innovative look denotes undeniably good aesthetic and decorative taste. 

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Aura, Edora, Irok, Kairos and Vegha will be offered for sale internationally from October 2014. 

The Dekton® by Cosentino ultra-compact surface is a new and innovative category of surfaces created with the objective of becoming a global leader in the world of architecture and design both for indoor and outdoor spaces.  It is the result of an investment of 128 million euros and 22,000 hours of research and development, making it the perfect partner for designers and architects throughout the world.

Dekton® is a sophisticated mixture of the raw materials that is used to manufacture glass, porcelain materials and quartz surfaces. The Dekton® surface can recreate any type of material with a high level of quality. It is manufactures in large format (320 cm x 144 cm) and thin thicknesses (0.8 cm, 1.2 cm and 2 cm) and it as superior technical characteristics: 

  • High mechanical resistance
  • Good resistance to fire and heat
  • High scratch resistance
  • High UV rays resistance
  • High hydrolysis resistance
  • Reduced water absorption
  • Very good colour stability
  • Very good dimensional stability
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High stain resistance
  • Resistance to freezing and thawing.

These superior technical characteristics are achieved thanks to the exclusive TSP technology (Technology of Sintered Particles), developed by the R&D of Cosentino Group. PST technology is an ultra-compaction process which makes Dekton® a totally revolutionary low-maintenance, long-lasting product with a multitude of applications.

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