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The Cosentino Group meets with its best stonemason customers from Spain and Portugal in Almeria


Cosentino  is currently holding a new edition of its Iberian Convention, where the company meets with its 100 best Spanish and Portuguese stonemason customers. From today until Sunday, a total of 200 delegates will combine training and direct knowledge of the latest developments in the Spanish multinational with different leisure activities.

Today’s Convention activities take place at Cosentino’s head offices in Cantoria and are devoted to showing delegates the company’s future plans, as well as the main product developments  of Silestone®, Silestone® N-Boost, the Silestone® and Dekton®. Over the weekend, the Cosentino clients can enjoy golf lessons or a guided tour of the Historic Quarter of the capital and the Alcazaba.

This Convention is part of the company’s strategy of consolidation for the Iberian market, which currently has 20 “Cosentino Centres”, 18 in Spain and 2 in Portugal. In the case of Spain, and after a period of recession during the financial crisis, over the past two years the company has returned to growth.

A reflection of this reactivation and Cosentino’s commitment to its home country, is the recent inauguration of the Cosentino City in Madrid. The space has been a great success, receiving over 1,000 visitors in the three weeks since it was opened at the end of February.

Francisco Martínez-Cosentino stated:”Cosentino’s total compromise to continue this growth path together with our stonemason customers who are essential for us”. And he remarked “the need to prioritize work safety as key aspect to guarantee future sustainability of jobs and business in this sector”.

PR_The Cosentino Group meets with its best stonemason clients from Spain and Portugal in Almeria

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