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The Cosentino Group sets up in Turkey and opens three new “Centres”


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The Cosentino Group, world leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, has set up in Turkey with the opening of a new subsidiary and three Centres, located in the cities of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, and which will service the whole country.

As part of its geographical diversification strategy the Group has set up logistics centres and comprehensive service centres — called Cosentino Centers. With its own assets, the multinational has entered a growing market, and one that has great growth potential.

Until now — and since 2009 — the Cosentino Group operated in Turkey via an exclusive distributor. From the middle of this year, the company will directly control distribution thanks to its three above-mentioned Centres, consolidating its presence in Turkey with the Group’s system of international expansion. Currently, Cosentino distributes its products in over 80 countries and has its own facilities in more than 20 of them. 90% of the Group’s turnover is already generated by its international markets.

Setting up the three Centres involved an initial investment of 2.5 million Euros. Together, these facilities have a combined total area of 3,150m2. This allows for storage capacity of over 10,000 slabs, the largest and most important storage facility being that in Istanbul measuring 2,000m2.

The sales forecast for this year for Turkey is 2 million Euros, and the company’s goal is to almost double that figure in 2015 and reach 3.5 million. In turn, the forecast for this year for the Cosentino Group as a whole is to achieve total sales of 575 million Euros, which would mean an increase of 16% over sales for 2013 (488 million).

The new subsidiary in Turkey currently has a team of 15 people led by Area Manager, Alper Sensan, who has been Cosentino’s exclusive distributor in Turkey for the past four years. The subsidiary comes under the direction of Ginés Navarro, Sales Director for the Asian and Pacific markets, and Direct Sales.

According to Ginés Navarro, “Turkey is another example that shows that our commitment of establishing ourselves — with our own assets and using our own expertise — in new markets, continues to forge ahead. It is a key strategy for our international operations as well as for the growth of the Group”.

“Turkey is clearly experiencing a process of growth as it has 73 million inhabitants with 50% of the population under 30. We have already had an initial presence here in recent years which has enabled us to achieve a market share of about 5%. There is, therefore, plenty of room for expansion and, with our strategy, we hope to seize the opportunities of a market with great potential regarding the areas of remodelling and renovation, and where the construction sector is expected to grow at 5.3% a year over the coming years”, says Navarro.

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