Urban-Industrial Style

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Reinterpreting the industrial style: cement and veining enjoy harmonious interpretation.

Using a black and grey palette, the designer has created a timeless yet modern bathroom, in which two very powerful elements stand out: the grey floor with cement effects, in Dekton® Kreta, and the monolithic-looking worktop, in Silestone® Charcoal Soapstone.

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Floor and wall cladding in the same material to unify spaces

Inspired by the typical New York style loft without walls, the interior designer planned a metal and glass structure that also serves as the front of the bathroom.

A strong-looking half wall in the same material as the floor – Dekton® Kreta – is vertically integrated into this structure.

On the horizontal plane, the Silestone® Charcoal Soapstone worktop stands out. In total creating a very attractive contrast of planes and volumes.

In contrast, and to add a sense of lightness, the designer has opted for two beautiful and delicate Marie Top washbasins in Silestone® White Zeus, featuring a round design.

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With its soft, rounded lines, the Marie Top washbasin is the perfect choice to place on the worktop. Although this project has a distinctly industrial look, its one-piece design, with no visible joints, enhances its attractiveness.

A large-format, grey floor is always the right choice. In this project, the Dekton® Kreta material from the Industrial Collection provides a cement-like finish, ideal for an industrial or urban decorating style.

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1 - Bathroom worktop by Silestone®, Charcoal Soapstone colour
2 - Marie Top washbasin by Silestone®, White Zeus colour
3 - Tailor-made shower tray by Dekton®, Kreta colour
4 - Floor cladding by Dekton®, Kreta colour

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