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Cosentino’s 3D Kitchen Planner

3D Kitchen by Cosentino

Thanks to the latest technology, we can use apps to make our day-to-day lives easier, shop online from our mobile devices, find the cheapest flights and trips with just a click, and now we can even design the kitchen of our dreams. Cosentino, the leading manufacturer of surfaces for worktops, cladding and paving in quartz, natural stone and ultra-compact materials, brings us Cosentino 3D Kitchen, a revolutionary kitchen planning app to help us create three dimensional kitchen designs and bring our projects to life, quickly and easily.

Access the application

Select the type of worktop you would like to design according to the layout of your kitchen – “L” or “U”-shaped, with a peninsula, island, etc.

Take the measurements of your kitchen and adjust the template

All you need to do is move the mouse to ensure the measurements are correct. You can easily change the shape of the worktop from your own drawing.

Change the look of your worktop

You can change the appearance of your worktop in full, by changing your colour selection, as well as the texture, thickness, edge, etc.

Diseño de cocina 3D

Creating realistic images with the 3D kitchen planner


The kitchen planner has been designed to bring this space to life with 3D image generation as you configure and choose your worktop colour, the type of edge, and the perfect sink for each specific design. This article has a step-by-step guide on how to use the planner to design a worktop to suit your needs and your favourite style.

Choose the perfect material in the 3D kitchen planner


You’ll be able to choose between Silestone surfaces, a material made up of 94% natural quartz, which is very hard and resistant, and ultra-compact Dekton products. These contain a sophisticated blend of raw materials used to manufacture state-of-the-art porcelain, glass or quartz surfaces, an alternative that’s highly resistant to stains, scratches, wear, fire, heat, etc.


1. Next, pick your worktop’s thickness, choosing between three different measurements: 1.2 cm, 2 cm or 3 cm.


2. Change the design of your worktop edges. Choose between a half-rounded, straight, bevelled edge or full backsplash. This solution allows you to cover the wall perpendicular to the worktop to protect it from stains and splattering, at whatever height suits you, using the same type of material selected.


3. Pick the edge shape from the range of options you can find in Cosentino’s 3D Kitchen app gallery.


4. Add the position of your sink, the holes where the taps will be mounted, and the type of cooking worktop, to achieve a more realistic appearance. Choose from a range of Integrity sinks, in different dimensions and formats, which are made of the same material. This option will enhance the sense of continuity in the kitchen many times over, removing almost all joints.

Configurador de cocina 3D plantilla impresa
Cocina blanca hecha con el configurador de cocina 3D

See your design in 3D in the kitchen planner


If you want to see a preview of how your design is progressing, simply double click on the image. To return to editing mode and continue making changes, click twice again on your drawing.


Finally, thanks to this kitchen planner, you will be able to change the appearance of the furniture for it to look like the furniture you have chosen.


Once your configuration is complete, you can generate a 3D depiction that will show your kitchen design in perspective, with all of the elements you’ve chosen. If you’re not sure about the result, you can change the colour of your worktop, the measurements and shapes of the edges, the type of sink, etc, until your design is just right.

Request your 3D kitchen design by email

You’ll be able to request that it be sent to you by email. Simply by entering your email address, a pdf will be generated where you will find all specifications, layouts and 3-dimensional depictions. You can provide your nearest kitchen store or fabricator with this information, so they can design your kitchen as you created it.


Thanks to this tool you will be able to change the various colour, texture, thickness and edge options, etc., as many times as you like, to design your totally customised project, quickly and easily.

App configurador cocina 3D
Visualizador de cocinas 3D