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Finnish Wood House with Cosentino

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Finnish Wood House with Silestone and Dekton

Finnish Wooden House Model ‘Laaksolahti’ – Kitchen with Dekton Entzo surfaces

‘Laaksolahti’ is a luxury Scandinavian-style log house designed by Kontio, the world’s largest log house manufacturer.  It is one of several different housing models offered by the company.  For this specific project, interior designer Piia Kalliomäki worked as interior consultant, gracefully combining modern touches with laid-back Californian elegance.

Log houses make up 21% of new houses in Finland and have become more popular in recent years.  Olavi Kujanen, long time creative leader and architect at Kontio travels a lot and this house model has been inspired by his favourite area of Palm Springs, California.  The Finnish wood house has many large windows, a clear and spacious floor plan. This results in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.  The house is 142m2, but it feels much bigger.

Finnish Wooden House Model ‘Laaksolahti’ – Kitchen with Dekton Entzo surfaces

Finnish Wooden House Model ‘Laaksolahti’ – Kitchen with Dekton Entzo surfaces

The Interiors

Interior designer Piia Kalliomäki worked as interior consultant on this Finnish wood house project.  Furnishing and textures were chosen to reflect the house’s effortless style, with a nod to luxurious California styling. The house’s façade has a brown tint which has been used throughout the interiors, giving a sense of continuity.  The furnishings and internal architecture have been designed to allow light to pass through the space. This makes the rooms feel open and airy.

The materials used are timelessly stylish, blending high quality with a natural colour palette.  Brown velvet sofas decorated with textured Ralph Lauren cushions and cashmere throws have been complemented by brown marble coffee tables.  Other textiles are natural materials such as linen or cotton. The handmade pottery on display in the kitchen mirrors the authentic and natural feel throughout the house.

Finnish Wooden House Model ‘Laaksolahti’ – Kitchen with Dekton Entzo surfaces

Finishing touches came from furnishings, textiles and art from Olavi’s travels. Piia commented, “Olavi has so many different ideas and together we found a calm, beautiful and peaceful balance in this Finnish wood house project.”

Finnish Wooden House Model ‘Laaksolahti’ – Bathroom with Silestone wash basin

The kitchen and bathroom furniture are from Kontio’s own Kontio Living collection.  “The entire Kontio Living range was renewed with this project”, says Piia Räisänen, Kontio living sales and designer manager.  “Dekton was familiar to me from earlier projects, so it was natural to make Dekton part of this project also. We found Dekton Enzto in the Cosentino Finland showroom, as well as the Silestone washbasins”.

Finnish Wood House Project Details:

  • Project: Finnish wood house model, “Kontio Laaksolahti” with Silestone products in the bathroom and Dekton surfaces in the kitchen
  • Architect and house owner: Olavi Kujanen / creative leader Kontio
  • Trend: Modern Finnish wooden architecture mixed with luxurious style interior
  • Style: Single storey Log House and Wood House from Kontio
  • Influence: Modern and luxurious living style with Californian elegance


  • Dekton Entzo 2cm as worktop and splashback
  • Silestone Desert Silver 2cm polished bathroom vanity top and wash basin

All pictures/credits to Pauliina Salonen

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