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Oswaldo Oliva Chooses Cosentino for his Award-Winning Restaurant, Lorea

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The Lorea Restaurant, Mexico City with Dekton® Zenith Worktops, Dekton® Keyla Cladding and Dekton Sirocco Flooring

Proud to have provided design solutions for an increasing number of professional kitchens and culinary establishments worldwide, Dekton® ultra-compact and Silestone® quartz surfaces by Cosentino offer numerous unique benefits for commercial and residential applications.  Owned by the renowned chef, Oswaldo Oliva, The Lorea Restaurant in Mexico City boasts the use of both innovative materials to complete its unique design.

Previously, Oswaldo worked at the world famous Mugaritz in Spain, where creativity is captured through exceptional food, before returning home to Mexico to open his own restaurant in 2015.  Located in the iconic neighbourhood of Roma, Mexico City, which is famous for its diverse architecture, Lorea takes gastronomy to exceptional levels with the menu reflecting Oliva’s disciplined yet inventive ethos.

Dekton® Keyla and Zenith Worktops

Combining natural materials such as wood and a variety of hard-wearing Dekton® and Silestone® surfaces throughout, Lorea’s design integrates various structural elements to achieve its distinct look.   Dekton® Sirocco with its delicate veining and soft neutral undertones was selected for the restaurant’s flooring, whilst the airy Dekton® Zenith was chosen for the wall cladding and kitchen worktops, illuminating the space with bright, natural light.   One of the priorities of this design was to harness the concept of an open kitchen, to allow diners to see the chefs’ creative process first-hand.   It was important that the design was understated yet practical allowing the focus to be on the food.

Dekton® Zenith Worktops

Dekton Keyla® Cladding and Dekton® Zenith Worktops

Innovative and ultra-compact, Dekton® is ideal for use in professional kitchens such as this due to its excellent technical properties.  It is ideal for high traffic areas such as walkways and worktops because of its high resistance to stains, scratches and heat.  This allows for hot pans, plates and kitchen utensils to be placed directly onto it without the risk of damage.

Chef Oswaldo commented, “Dekton® delivers on both aesthetics and quality, which was an important factor for us.  We especially loved the dark and dramatic look of Dekton® Keyla as its delicate and contrasting white veining gives it a beautiful raw and natural texture.  It’s a real joy to have it in the restaurant.” 

Silestone® Armony Basins in Lagoon

In the bathroom, the beautiful Silestone® Lagoon is a welcome contrast to the dusky blue hues that cover the walls.  Uniquely shaped and finished with a polished texture, the Silestone® Lagoon Armony basins offer a stylish look with all the benefits of the quartz surface, such as its outstanding levels of water repellence and stain resistance.  This ensures easy maintenance, even in this high traffic public space.

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