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Silver Grey - Sensa by Cosentino

New Sensa colours

Sensa expands its Premium collection with new quartzites and granites from Brazil and India. Natural stones with stain protection in different shades, perfect to design cozy and genuine environments.


Brazilian quartzite featuring a white background reminiscent of the pristine colour of Siberian snow. Its design is characterised by small black speckles. Authenticity in its purest form.


This Brazilian quartzite with a white background features a very varied range of veins, which can be more or less thick, narrow, wide, intertwined or separated. Beautiful patterns are outlined on a cracked surface that invites us to touch it.

Silver Grey

The hardness and uniformity provided by the white veins running horizontally across the deep grey surface of this Brazilian granite give warmth and serenity to the atmosphere.

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Beautiful quartzite from the interior of Brazil whose mineral composition gives a sense of purity, evoking with its veins the movement of ocean waves. Its leather finish provides our environments with balance and harmony.


Brazilian quartzite with a dark grey background over which striking faded grey veins give a sensation of movement to the material. This powerful natural design confers an unseen elegance to this new exclusive stone of the Sensa Premium Collection which is offered in Mirage polished finish.

Sant Angelo

Indian granite with a light background on which grey veins full of personality burst with force. Its smooth finish further enhances its expressiveness, making it the protagonist of any environment.

Graphite Grey

Grey granite of Indian origin that acquires a unique life and colourwith Cosentino'sexclusive Caresefinish, giving it personality and a different shine and texture.