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What to Consider When Choosing a Worktop

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Rhatigan&Hick Rhatigan & Hick kitchen design with Silestone® worktops in Calacatta Gold

A key element of any kitchen, the worktop plays a pivotal role in everyday life, transforming an ordinary design into a stylish yet practical space that will cope with the demand of ever changing lifestyles.  Often the most used room in the home it is important to find a surface that delivers on style as well as substance, and investing in a trusted brand can offer valuable peace of mind.  Dekton®, Silestone® or Sensa by Cosentino® surfaces offer beautiful aesthetics paired with top-quality performance, making them an excellent choice for in demand areas such as the kitchen.

When choosing your worktop, it is worth bearing in mind what your core needs are and how your choice will affect these needs.  The kitchen has many roles, especially if you have a busy family, so selecting a hardwearing surface is imperative.  Dekton® is the ideal choice for multi-functional spaces like the kitchen as its high resistance to heat and scratches allows for hot plates and cooking equipment such as pans to be set down straight from the hob or oven.   Its low porosity ensures added protection against stains and easy maintenance, enabling it to withstand commonplace accidents like spilt red wine, coffee mug rings or the wandering hands of little ones.

Also a great choice for kitchens, Sensa by Cosentino® surfaces comprise of a selection of stunning granite and quartzite slabs.  These benefit from exclusive Sen-Guard NK technology, which protects the surface from stains and harmful acids that are often found in household cleaning products.

Dekton Opera

Dekton® Opera

Dekton Aldem

Dekton® Aldem

Available in a range of designs, from bright and airy hues to dark and industrial tones, ultra-compact Dekton® surfaces provide both style and function eradicating the need for compromise.  For those coveting a luxe look, Dekton®’s Natural collection includes the stunning Dekton® Opera, which takes inspiration from the soft hues of marble and boasts a soft touch, velvety texture, offering classic style without the hassle that comes with maintaining a porous natural surface such as marble.  Colours such as Dekton® Aldem from the Wild collection imitate wood offering a natural look, again with the beneficial technical advantages of the ultra-compact surface. For contemporary spaces, the Dekton® Industrial collection offers a range of urban inspired designs, perfect for injecting an industrial touch in a warm, tactile way.

Dekton Orix Dekton® Orix from the Industrial Collection

If you are looking to make a statement, your desired final thickness and finish will ultimately impact your choice of material.  For example, a thick worktop is a great way to instantly achieve a premium, eye-catching look.  Dekton® is ideal for this type of application as it is available in thicknesses up 3cm.  Alternatively, for those wanting a contemporary appearance, a thinner countertop will complement a plethora of colour palettes, tiles and cabinet designs.  Silestone® quartz surfaces are available in a range of distinct finishes such as polished and suede to help achieve a truly unique look, adding contrast and texture.  A fabricator will be able to tailor your worktop to suit your needs, whether it be creating a bespoke edge profile or fashioning stylish yet practical drainer groves next to your sink area.

Silestone Eternal StatuarioSilestone® Eternal Statuario

Another important thing to consider is how much space you have available.  This can also help to determine your worktop’s finish, thickness and colour.  If you have a large, open plan kitchen using darker tones will help to add comfort and warmth.  If your kitchen is compact, lighter or glossier materials are ideal as they will reflect light, offering the illusion of more space.  The Dekton® XGloss line of surfaces is ideal for this, boasting a range of styles with a mirror-like shine.   For those wanting a quartz option, selecting a Silestone® surface enhanced by N-Boost® technology ensures an unparalleled level of shine coupled with easy maintenance.

Dekton X-Gloss Manhattan

Dekton® X-Gloss Surface in Manhattan

For many, choosing the right worktop will separate a good kitchen design from a great one, and the decision process is not one to be rushed.  To help, Cosentino has a valuable network of Elite and Elite Premium kitchen studios throughout the UK and Ireland which showcase a stunning range of Dekton®, Silestone® and Sensa by Cosentino® materials for you to see first-hand in their showrooms.  Alternatively, a visit to one of Cosentino’s Centres will enable you to admire a wide range of full sized slabs, ideal if you are struggling to visualise a large island.

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