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Customised kitchens, the best option for a unique room

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If you’ve been following the latest trends for kitchens, you’ve surely noticed that everything seems to have its own place, everything fits perfectly together in the room. This is thanks to the architects, decorators, and designers who choose to go for customised kitchens so they can make the most of the last available centimetre, and infuse the room with a unique personality. In this article, you will get to know the benefits of opting for a customised kitchen, with special attention to the worktops, great partners when it comes to creating these rooms perfectly adjusted to the space and family’s needs.

Worktop, Iconic White, Silestone by Cosentino

Customised kitchens: the way to get your dream kitchen

Custom kitchens

From the kitchen to the bathroom, the lounge or the bedroom, customised furniture is key to personalise any room. There is a huge trend in the market to opt for bulk production and decorate by units, an alternative that addresses the actual needs of the customer by standardising the production.

If creating a room à la carte is what you are looking for, you must go for customised furniture. There is no other room where personality is more vital than the kitchen. It is where we prepare the meals, socialise, have a good time… we even leave a space for the kids’ drawings. It’s the room that is the most filled with life, and it therefore deserves special attention. Thus, customised kitchens have become the best way to create the perfect kitchen for every home.

It is hardly surprising then that architects and interior designers increasingly turn to customised kitchens for their designs, since they are best placed to know the importance of the kitchen adapting to the people living in the house, not the contrary.

The key: opting for customised worktops

Custom kitchens

In projects like these, nothing is left to chance. When talking about customised kitchens, we refer to the following aspects:

Furniture that adjusts to the room

The furniture you choose, just like how it is arranged in the room, will be a key factor to achieve a well-balanced kitchen, and, more importantly, that is a practical kitchen for the people living in the house.

Exclusive surfaces far from standard: customised worktops

Nobody cooks the same way, then why should all kitchens be the same? Personalising the worktop’s design is not only desirable for aesthetical purposes but also to address the specific needs of every household. Thus, installing customised worktops becomes key to create the perfect kitchen. In this regard, the large formats of boards, like the ones offered by Silestone, allows for continuity, changing a working surface in only one unit.

Worktop, Pearl Jasmine, Silestone by Cosentino

If you also have the possibility to choose from 80 different colours and textures, like it is the case with Silestone’s quartz worktops, top exclusivity and personality are guaranteed. Your kitchen will be unique and will look like it’s coming straight out of a design magazine.

Exclusively selected household appliances

If you decide to go for a fitted kitchen, you will have to adjust to its units in every aspect. Nevertheless, customised kitchens open a range of possibilities when selecting household appliances, an essential aspect to create a unique design. If you have a big family, add a side-by-side refrigerator, if you like wine, add a wine bar, or, for example, incorporate a teppan kapi board if you like healthy Asian style cooking. Everything can be done.

Creating a customised kitchen now holds no secrets for you: furniture that adjusts to the room, exclusively selected household appliances, out of the ordinary surfaces… We encourage you to read our other articles about customised kitchens to get inspired for a new project.

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